How to Find the Title of Deleted Youtube Video in [4 simple steps]

How to find the title of deleted youtube video

In this post, we are going to learn how to find the title of deleted youtube video in detail.


Have you unknowingly deleted a YouTube video or was it deleted by YouTube because of strikes or violations of terms?


Wanna re-upload the same video by trimming the portion which is against the terms?


Wanna know the title and meta description of the deleted video to get the same SEO benefits and rankings?


Perhaps just curious to know the video title and meta description?

Let’s explore how to find the title of deleted YouTube video.

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How to identify the deleted YouTube video?

If one of your videos or any video on YouTube is deleted from YouTube, it’ll display a kind of broken image saying “Deleted video” in the title.

deleted YouTube video

Sometimes you could see the deleted video image on your favorite music playlist as well.

 I know how annoying it is. If you find the title of the song/video you could easily replace the deleted video with similar one.

deleted video from YouTube playlist

There are many possible reasons for video deletion.

Here are the few common reasons why the video was deleted from YouTube

  1. Video deleted by the user

  2. Video violated terms and services

  3. Video has a copyright claim

  4. Video contains spam  

  5. YouTube channel associated with that video was deleted/terminated

  6. Video is too long

  7. The video was restricted to a particular country

  8. The video contains hate speech or bullying

  9. Video contains harassing or threatening content 

  10. Unknown reason(Only god knows!)

How to find the title of deleted YouTube video?

Just follow the below steps to find the title of video removed from YouTube

Step 1

Open the deleted video on a new tab and note down the YouTube video URL on notepad.

Step 2

For instance, let’s take this deleted YouTube video


Step 3

Extract YouTube video ID from the video URL.YouTube videoId comes after “v=” and ends before “&”. In this case, video id is x1MbmlCpyB4

If the video is in the playlist then url will be


Here’s the videoId  JGwWNGJdvx8 and just ignore other stuff.


Step 4

Paste the videoId on Google search text box and hit enter.



search deleted youtube video


You can find the video title on the very first search result from the YouTube cached page.

deleted youtube search results on google

That’s it you finally found the title of the deleted YouTube video.

Let’s see how to find the thumbnail of deleted video.

It’s really simple and all you need to do is go to Google images and put the videoID in the search box. Most likely, you can find the thumbnail image of the deleted video.



thumbnail image of deleted youtube video

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I couldn’t find the title on Google search?

Try using other search engine bing, duckduckgo, or Yahoo.

Can I find the title of the private video which got deleted?

No. You cannot find the title of the private video with this approach.

Does this trick work for all language videos?

Yes. It should.

What if I couldn’t find the deleted video title with this trick?

I’ve no other way. But to avoid the same thing happening in the future, you can take a back up of your Playlist info using this tool.

Are deleted YouTube videos kept on archive?

No.YouTube doesn’t have this archive mechanism.

Is it possible to recover video content from the deleted YouTube video?

The chance is very high for music videos and less for your own content. If somebody uploaded your content on their channel you can recover from that.

What happen to deleted videos on YouTube?

When you hit delete or it was deleted by YouTube, it’ll be permanently removed from the YouTube database. You can’t recover it unless you have a local back up.

 Please do let me know if you have any questions



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