How Do I Increase YouTube CTR By 11% With TubeBuddy Click Magnet

How do I Increase youtube ctr by 11%

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. There are numerous social media platforms, and YouTube ranks #1. This article will give you detailed information about how you can easily double the traffic on YouTube with TubeBuddy Click Magnet without doing much work. 

Most of them forget one key aspect in getting YouTube channel traffic – CTR. First, you should let the viewers click the video to watch the video. So, CTR plays a major role in increasing traffic and views.

In YouTube, your prime focus is to boost views and traffic on your videos. People nowadays spend most of their time on YouTube. 

A video with many views tends to be watched out by various other people who only watch a video based on the number of views that particular video got. 

If you are in a business, then the views and traffic are vital for the prosperity of your marketing and SEO campaigns. You have the potential to reach the worldwide market rather than just the people near you. And for this, you need to boost the traffic and views on your videos.

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What Is TubeBuddy Click Magnet ?

Click Magnet is one of the powerful TubeBuddy features to help the creators in determining the type of content they should make, keeping in mind the choice of content their audience craves or desires so that the creators can get substantial viewers that will click and watch their videos. 

Let me show you step by step how to access click magnet right from the YouTube dashboard.

First of all, install TubeBuddy on your favorite browser(if you haven’t done yet)

Go to YouTube Dashboard

Click on the TubeBuddy icon at the top right corner of YouTube studio.

Click on the Click Magnet below the extension tools as shown below

tubebuddy click magnet

It’ll take few seconds to analyze your channel metrics.

analysing thumbnail elements

After that, you’re ready to pitch in and explore the features.

4 Amazing TubeBuddy Click Magnet Features

Click Magnet has four amazing metrics that the YouTube dashboard won’t give you explicitly but TubeBuddy does. Let’s explore that now!

tubebuddy click magnet features

Power Rankings

If somebody comes to you and says “Hey! These are videos I like the most on your channel. Can you create videos like this?” How do you feel?

When I started my YouTube channel, I was looking for feedback from viewers but it took almost 6 months to get my first comment. So, it’s not always easy peasy to get suggestion or feedback for your channel.

But “Power rankings” metrics give you the list of best-performing videos on your channel.

This helps the creators in determining the list of videos that are performing best on your channel. According to this, you can decide that what type of content should be made to make the audience glued to your videos.

click magnet power rankings

Element Inspector

Element inspector is another cool feature of the TubeBuddy click magnet.

It tells you what thumbnail on your channel has more CTR but not just that alone. 

It went one step ahead and tells you what element in the thumbnail and title increases your video CTR.

It just analyzes everything in and out. Behind the scene, TubeBuddy consumes Amazon Image recognition API to find the highest CTR videos.

Does your thumbnail have a face?

Does the face has emotions?

What type of emotions bring more CTR?

Does thumbnail without text increase CTR?

Does your thumbnail have a text?

What text influence your viewers?

What text in the title responsible for more CTR?

You can get answers to all the above questions on the Element inspector feature.

Let me share the analysis report of my channel so that you’ll get a clear picture of this Element inspector tool.

For my niche, thumbnails with no face have a higher CTR, so going forward I should create thumbnails without a face.

click magnet element inspector

Also, calm emotions on the thumbnail have a higher CTR for my channel.

Thumbnail with text on it brings more viewers for me.

CTR Opportunities

This is another cool feature that helps YouTubers to increase the CTR of best-performing videos.

Some of your videos might perform well in terms of watch time, average view duration, and impression but have lesser CTR compared to your channel’s average CTR.

This feature gives you the list of such videos and you may do a little tweak to the thumbnail or title and make viewers click on the video.

TubeBuddy click magnet CTR oppurtunities

I would suggest changing the thumbnail and title for videos with “High” and “Very high” opportunities.

Advanced Analytics

This provides the users the ability to classify, sort, view, and export their most valuable video performance data in ways that YouTube does not present. 

click magnet advanced analytics

You can also export to CSV for detailed analysis.

How Does TubeBuddy Click Magnet Help YouTubers?

A little change in your post, social media news, YouTube video, or blog post can double your traffic and views. This is what the Click Magnet exactly does.

Also, YouTube suggests not to make a decision on CTR without enough data.

So, it’s always good to go with the right data rather than inner instinct.

You have several questions when you are creating a thumbnail for your blog, article, or video. 

Should I include my face? 

Which expression should I make? 

Should I write any text on the thumbnail? What should I write to get more views or to improve CTR? 

These are the questions that generally come up. But now, there is no need to worry about it. TubeBuddy Click Magnet provides you with the answers.

Doubling of thumbnail clicks is just simple maths. Suppose, if you have 1000 visitors. Then a 5% CTR means 50 visitors. Now double it. 10% CTR means 100 visitors.

The Click Magnet suggests the changes that you can apply in the thumbnail of your video and then wait for the result.

Thumbnail Split Testing Tool

This is a handy feature complimenting the Click Magnet tool. You can get to this thumbnail split testing tool by first clicking on the TubeBuddy icon, then scroll down and click create A/B Test Now.

youtube thumbnail ab test

I have written a detailed article on how to do thumbnail AB testing.

This helps the creators in analyzing based on the total number of impressions and the clicks, creators get. This is the percentage that gives you an insight that how your variation will perform better than the original one.

Click Magnet + AB Testing - Best Combo

Testing is the only way to judge your results. The Click Magnet seamlessly works with the magnificent split testing tool in TubeBuddy

After the changes that are required to improve the CTR, you now put a new thumbnail up against the previous. 

Now run the A/B testing will give you clarity on whether the change worked or not. 

Normally, around two weeks are more than enough. Keep in mind that the words and text in your title can have a huge impact on CTR.

To Sum Up ...

CTR is one of the most significant ways to measure and enhance traffic. The Click Magnet is quite a beneficial tool of TubeBuddy for the creators. 

It gives you the confidence to know what your audience wants to click to find you. With the aid of this, you can easily keep an eye on your audience that what type of content they are craving or desiring.

 This will help you in doubling the traffic and views on your videos. Now, you can attract a bigger proportion of the traffic towards your videos.

If you haven’t install TubeBuddy, do it now and unlock your CTR opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a YouTube plugin that is designed for YouTubers to improve their productivity. It has various features to organically improve the growth of your channel.

How can I install TubeBuddy Click Magnet?

You can install TubeBuddy Click Magent by just clicking on the link provided here.

Why thumbnails are important?

Thumbnails tend to raise your CTR. Thumbnail is a swift snap of your video. It is a vital part to grab the viewers' attention to your video. If the viewer finds the thumbnail appealing, then he or she most presumably watches the video too. Therefore, they are important.

What is a TubeBuddy Click Magnet?

Click Magnet is a suite of tools that are specially designed by TubeBuddy to help the creators in determining the type of content they should make, keeping in mind the choice of content their audience craves or desires so that the creators can get substantial viewers that will click and watch their videos.

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