11 Most Profitable YouTube Niche Ideas for YouTube Channel

Most profitable Youtube niche ideas

👉 Are you planning to start a YouTube channel? 


👉 Struggling to find profitable YouTube Niche Ideas?


👉 Don’t know how to find your niche on YouTube?


If your answer is ✅ to the above questions, then you’re landed on the right post:


In this detailed blog post, I’ll give you a walkthrough on how to find the most profitable YouTube niche ideas for starting a YouTube channel.


I’ll also reveal the already existing YouTube channel on the same niche and how they are monetizing their channels.


Also their USP as well.


I’ll explain what is USP shortly!


Before we dive deep, ensure that TubeBuddy is installed on your browser for free. It’s #1 YouTube Video Optimization tool specially crafted for Pro YouTubers.

Table of Contents

Why you must have a YouTube channel?

YouTube is a billion-dollar video marketing industry in the world. Most of the fortune 500 companies have a dedicated YouTube channel to market their products. 


Amazon being top 10 in Forbes list have one dedicated YouTube channel.

youtube amazon channel

Even small companies and start-ups are leveraging the power of YouTube channels for doing promotion, marketing, and bringing leads to their product.


Grab is transport, food delivery, and transportation has a YouTube channel for leads.

grab youtube channal ideas


PewDiePie is a very popular YouTuber who makes funny and gaming videos. He is the first one-man YouTuber who crossed 100 million subscribers in the world.

With that being said, it’s not necessary that you should start YouTube only if you’re running a company. You can start a YouTube channel to make some passive income on the side-hustle beside your main profession.


In fact, one of the best startup ideas with zero investment in today’s world is to create a YouTube channel.

How to Find Your Niche on YouTube

Let’s see how to find niche on YouTube. It should come from you:

👉 Think about what you’re passionate about? 

👉 What did you think when you had leisure time?

👉 What’s your interest?

👉 What’s the unique skill that you’re having? 

✍️ Jot down everything on a paper. 

 Everyone in the world has always been passionate about something other than their day job.  But because of the lack of guidance and time, they can’t take it up further.

 But YouTube is a wonderful medium to bring your inner passion to the outside world. 

 YouTube is not just for entertainment. You can find anything under the sun on YouTube. So, just don’t set a boundary for it. 

 Are you passionate about singing, drawing, speaking, teaching programming, cooking, home-making, or whatever?

Just stick with your passion and make videos about that. Soon, we are going to explore the Youtube niche ideas that you do not even think of.

 And it’s not necessary that you should pick one from the below list. If it resonates with your passion then just go for that niche otherwise go with your passion.

The list of YouTube niche ideas that we are going to see now is the most demanding niches right now.

Have a look and you can come up with the best youtube channel ideas.

Before Finding Good Ideas For A YouTube Channel

Before finding YouTube niche ideas, you must follow the below strategy to get succeeded as a YouTuber after you started your brand new YouTube channel.

Pick a niche and Stay on it

Soon we’ll see the list of YouTube niche ideas but you can take your own time to come up with the best niche for your channel.


Once you finalize the niche just stay on it and make sure that your video content should be related to that niche until you gain a viewer base. 


For instance, you cannot put vlog videos on the programming channel and no one will be interested to read your video title.


Nobody want to know what’s going on in your world until you influence them with your worthy video content.


So, for the first 12 months, stick to your first niche, and if you’re interested start publishing videos on other niches. 


When you publish videos on a new niche, watch out your audience response, monitor the click-through-rate, and audience retention. Pay close attention to video comments and subscribers analytics on that video.


You should not lose subscribers for new niche videos. If you’re losing then your audiences are not convinced with your new niche.

Plan Your Content Ahead

When you finalize the YouTube niche ideas for the channel, you should start working on your video content. You should not start a channel just for publishing 5-10 videos.


Your channel has a long way to go and you should not run out of content at any point in time.


So, when you are in this phase think ahead and make sure that you have a  goal on how to scale up your content and take your channel to the next level.


To keep your channel up and running you should feed it with content. So plan well before creating content.

Put Yourself In A Viewers Shoe

Before you publish the video, just go ahead and watch your video from start to end.


When you’re watching the video, put yourself as a viewer. Think how valuable it is, what is the key take away, note down the room for improvement, pay close attention to visuals.


Focus on the improvements and rectify it in your upcoming videos.

youtube niche viewers

Think Ahead

When you reach 100 subscribers think like you’re having 1000 subscribers.When you reach 1000 subscribers think like you’re having 10000 subscribers.


By thinking like this you’ll be more responsible and dedicate yourself to the YouTube journey.

youtube niche finder

Stick With The Time

You would have noticed that most of the YouTuber stick with their publishing time. For instance, they would say you’ll get a video every Monday and Friday. 


By sticking with the time, you’re closely connected to your subscribers and committing yourself to the channel.


If you are a brand new YouTuber, then you must know that YouTuber won’t upload the video at their promised date and time.


Instead, they schedule videos a month before and work on the content to be published two months after now.


Now it’s time to dive into the YouTube Niche Ideas topics.

Most Profitable YouTube Niche Ideas

We are going to see the complete list of the most profitable YouTube Niche Ideas and channels which are already doing well.


You might find more than 100+ channels belong to same YouTube niche ideas but each channel has its unique thing while creating video content. In marketing terms, it’s called a “Unique Selling Proposition” aka USP. 

YouTube Niche Ideas #1


Cooking is the most popular and evergreen content on YouTube and at the same time, it’s a highly competitive niche:


You can literally find a video on YouTube for all recipes in the world.


 Even you can find 100s or 1000s of videos for the same recipe. 

So, before finding the recipes to cook, you have to come up with ideas on how to make your cooking content completely unique and different from other channels. 


So, Cooking rank #1 in the YouTube niche ideas list.

Binging with Babish is one of the most popular YouTube channels on the cooking niche having around ~7.5 Million subscribers. His USPs are amazing voice-over and camera placement and focus on cooking rather than his face.


His creative end screen keep viewers engaged.

youtube channel ideas cooking #1


I would like to introduce one more channel called “Village food factory” it’s an India based YouTube channel where 37% of his viewers are from the US.


He has around 4 million subscribers. His USP is cooking in a huge vessel on the open space with natural surroundings which brings him a lot of subscribers.


His creative YouTube thumbnail urge viewers to click his videos.

YouTube Niche Ideas #2

Online Teaching

After COVID 19, people around the world adopted themselves to a new normal. So, online learning students count is increased by 200% according to Podia.

All students and professionals have started taking courses online and which brings a great space for those who wish to teach online on Youtube.


A lot of YouTubers are using the YouTube platform as a top funnel for marketing their online courses.


“Programming with Mosh” is a popular YouTube channel that teaches programming languages like NodeJs, Python, React, etc., having around ~1.2 million subscribers.


He effectively used the YouTube platform to send traffic to his online course website where he’s actually making more $ than YouTube partner program revenue.

youtube niche ideas #1

If you decided to pick online teaching as a YouTube niche, you should start working on what you’re going to teach and plan your course creation before making videos.

So, Online Teaching rank #2 in the YouTube niche ideas list.

His long tail YouTube video tags optimized the video further.

YouTube Niche Ideas #3


Of course, you would have come across many traveling videos on YouTube.


If you like traveling or you are a travel person then you can pick this niche. Share your traveling experience, recommend the tourist spots that viewers need to visit during their trip, and share your personal journey as well. 


Travel videos are a visual treat for viewers but you need to invest in the camera and editing software to add a cinematic touch to your videos.

So, Travel rank #3 in the YouTube niche ideas list.


 Tanya Khanijow – She is a traveling blogger used to travel all around the world and create review videos on tourist places. What to do? What not to do? What should you take during travel? What are the must places to visit during the trip? Trip checklist bla bla bla!


She has around half a million subscribers. Her primary income is YPP.


youtube niche ideas #3

YouTube Niche Ideas #4

Beauty Tips

Beauty tips are a popular niche on YouTube with medium competition. 

Are you working in the beauty parlour?


Then you should consider creating a YouTube channel to share the beauty tips and beauty product reviews. It’s a great side income for beauty professions and at the same time, you’re promoting your brand as well. 


So, Beauty tips rank #4 in the YouTube niche ideas list.

Vogue is a famous Indian magazine that has its YouTube channel called “Vogue” having around 8 million subscribers.


They bring celebrities to share their beauty secrets and tips.


YouTube Niche Ideas #5

Food Reviews

Nowadays the key success of any business is getting good reviews from the customers. Yes, people do checkout reviews before hooking them up. 


Food is not an exception to that. Before they went into the restaurants or hotels, they did check out the reviews.


If you live in a popular city, then having a food review YouTube channel is a good idea to start off. 


Once you make enough income from the YouTube channel you can invest to do reviews on other cities and other countries as well.


Create a schedule, list down the nearest restaurants, get their appointment(optional), note down the special foods in the restaurant, and do honest reviews about that food.


If you become popular in that niche, then you’ll get calls from restaurants to do reviews about their dishes and of course, they pay money for that too.

 So, Food Reviews rank #5 in the YouTube niche ideas list.

“Best Ever Food Review Show” is a popular YouTube channel having 5+ Million subscribers owned by Sonny. He visits all over the world and does food reviews and documentary videos.


 The way he shoot his videos are so natural and on screen presents are his USP. He is using his channel profile pic as YouTube subscribe button.

youtube niche ideas #5

YouTube Niche Ideas #6


Are you fascinated by video gaming? Then you should start a gaming YouTube channel.


All you need to do is to film your face and a video game using screen recording software simultaneously.


YouTube has its own policy for Gaming content and makes sure that you adhere to it.


So, Gaming rank #6 in the YouTube niche ideas list.

As I mentioned earlier, PewDiePie is a one-man YouTube channel that crossed over 100 Million subscribers recently.


He posts gaming videos and shares his personal experience about that game. Many game software companies reach out to him to promote their games.

YouTube Niche Ideas #7


Are you a fitness freak? Do you want to share your fitness experience? Then starting a YouTube channel on the fitness niche is a good idea for you.


It’s the most wanted niche in today’s world. Nowadays, People spend more time at home. 


If you create videos on how to keep your body fit from their home without hitting the gym, that would be the perfect content for the people living in today’s world.


So, Fitness rank #7 in the YouTube niche ideas list.


Pamela Reif is a model cum YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel in her name. She post home workout videos like a full-body stretch, upper body workout, lower body workout, leg workout, etc., She has around 4+ Million subscribers.

youtube niche ideas #7

YouTube Niche Ideas #8

Product Reviews

Are you the guy who buys everything online most frequently? Then you can start a YouTube channel to share your reviews about the product that you purchase.


 Before buying any product online, often people do search for the product review and watch “how to use it” videos.


 So, doing an unboxing, how to set up(if any), and share your personal reviews is a great way to start a YouTube channel in this niche.

 So, Product Reviews rank #8 in the YouTube niche ideas list.

 Have you heard of “Ryan’s World” YouTube channel? A 5-year-old kid, do a review about toys. Do you believe if I say he has around 25+ Million subscribers? He’s earning in millions just by making toy review videos.


Top Toy manufacturing companies sponsor him to review their toys on his channel with monetary compensation.

YouTube Niche Ideas #9


Do you keep yourself updated with recent trends in technology?

Are you keep tracking the latest gadgets release?

Do you know when the iPhone going to release its next model?

Do you know the upcoming features of Samsung mobile?

Do you know when Tesla going to launch the next car?


You’re the right person to start a YouTube channel on the Technology niche.


You can create videos and educate your subscribers with your technology updates.


 So, Technology/Gadgets rank #9 in the YouTube niche ideas list.

“Marques Brownlee” has crossed almost 11 Million subscribers on the technology niche. He posts reviews and unboxing of all gadgets like mobile, headphone, laptop, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, and cars on his channel.


In one of his videos, he mentioned that he had published 100 videos but had less than 1000 subscribers. He didn’t give up and consistently post videos and that’s the secret of his success.


Here is one of his interview video with Elon Musk.


YouTube Niche Ideas #10


Are you a finance expert or from a finance background? Do you have an interest in Finance by birth? Do you know how to multiple $$ by investing in the stock market? Do you know how to analyze stock before buying? Do you know when to buy/sell the stock?


If you can able to answer some of the above questions, then you can start a YouTube channel on the Finance Niche. Finance is a very broad niche. Y


You might have expertise in any of the Finance niches such as Micro Finance, Corporate Finance, Debt Finance, Personal Finance, etc.,


I would suggest starting a channel from your expertise. It’s still a less competitive and most profitable YouTube niches in the space. 


So, Finance rank #10 in the YouTube niche ideas list.

You might know Robert Kiyosaki or at least one of his famous book on the Finance niche “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.


He’s having a YouTube channel called “The Rich Dad Channel” that has around 1.3+ Million subscribers.


In his videos, he talks about Investment ideas and personal finance topics.

YouTube Niche Ideas #11


Do you sleep? Do you wake up in the Morning? Do you spend time with Family? Do you play with your kids? Do you go out on weekends? Do you know how to prank someone?


If your answer is Yes 🙂 then you are eligible to start a YouTube channel on vlogging.


Vlogging is also called as “video blogging”.  Sometime they call it as DML(Day in My Life) videos.


People just post videos daily by doing their routine work. I know it sounds silly but everyone wants to know what happens inside the neighborhood house 🙂 that’s the secret behind the success of this YouTube niche.


So, Vlogging rank #11 in the YouTube niche ideas list.


Have you come across “The ACE Family” YouTube channel? It’s No #1 on vlogging niche YouTube channel having around 19 Million subscribers.

They are making millions from YouTube.


They post videos about their day to day happenings, some pranks, playing with kids, etc., But their video contents keep you engaged and that’s the USP of this YouTube channel.


Here’s one of the top prank videos from the channel

That’s all I have about YouTube Niche ideas for you.


Here is the summary of 11 most profitable YouTube Niche Ideas

  • Cooking
  • Online Teaching
  • Travel
  • Beauty Tips
  • Food Reviews
  • Gaming
  • Fitness
  • Product Reviews
  • Technology/Gadgets
  • Finance
  • Vlogging

How to Analyze Competition and Find Most Profitable YouTube Niche Ideas

 There is a saying “Look before you leap”. So before creating content you should understand the competition and potential to rank your video for that content.


You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can just install the TubeBuddy plugin on your browser and it just works on your YouTube interface. It’s a one-stop plugin for your complete YouTube channel management.


 👉 How to install TubeBuddy on Chrome & FireFox (Step By Step)


 After you install it, go to YouTube.

Type the title/focus keyword of your content on the search box and hit enter.

I entered “Weight loss tips for men”.


On the right side, you can see the Keyword score.


For my keyword “Weight loss tips for men”, the score is 30 and the competition is somewhat high.


 As a newbie to YouTube, you should focus on low competition with a moderate search volume keyword.

 Pick a keyword with the keyword score of above 70.

 You can find the list of related keywords just below the Keyword score. All you need to do is to rinse and repeat the process until you find the golden keyword.

popular youtube niches

Here’s the 11 Most profitable YouTube Niche Ideas Checklist for your glimpse

profitable youtube niche ideas summary

Frequently Asked Questions

What youtube niche ideas makes the most money?

Fitness, Weight loss, Beauty, Fashion, Games, Reviews are the niches that make the most money.

What youtube niche ideas has the highest CPM?

Real estate, insurance, stock market, trading, and hosting providers are commonly have highest CPM.

Is being a YouTuber a good idea?

I would say yes. In the above post, I explained why being a YouTuber is a good idea as well. And moreover, you’re going to lose nothing.

Is changing YouTube channel niche is good or bad?

Personally I would say it’s a bad idea to change to channel niche. But the best option is to publish a video on different niche and get the feedback from your viewers before going further on it. The second best option is to have a separate YouTube channel and send traffic to that channel from the primary one.


Now you learned how to find your niche on YouTube, how YouTubers effectively monetizing their niches, and you got some ideas for your YouTube channel.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chines Proverb

It’s time to take action. Go ahead and launch your channel.

Install the TubeBuddy and start doing Keyword research for your first video.


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