How To Install TubeBuddy On Chrome & Firefox For Free [2021]

How to install Tubebuddy on chrome & fi

In this detailed blog post, we are going to see how to install TubeBuddy on Chrome and Firefox step by step. Moreover, the TubeBuddy installation is completely free.


Probably you heard of what TubeBuddy is, if not let me explain it first before we begin the installation process.

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What Is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a one-stop plugin for complete YouTube channel management. It’s a YouTube certified SEO tool for optimizing YouTube channel so it’s 100% safe and secure.


Moreover, it works on top of the YouTube dashboard and helps you to optimize videos and improve your productivity. It has 67+ features and to name a few A/B testing, keyword research, tag explorer, export comments, track keyword ranking, etc.

Why TubeBuddy?

To put in a simple word, if you want to grow your channel then you must have this growth hacking tool. It has almost 1 million downloads with 4.7 ratings.

why to use TubeBuddy


See what TubeBuddy users are telling about TubeBuddy. 

tubebuddy user reviews

Step By Step Guide on How To Install TubeBuddy on Chrome

Follow the below steps to install TubeBuddy on Chrome.

Go to the TubeBuddy homepage and click on the button “Install for Free Now” on the left side.

install tubebuddy for free now

Step 2: Install TubeBuddy Extension

As soon as you click on the “Install Free Now” button, you’ll be taken to the Chrome extension page. In the chrome extension page, click on the “Add to Chrome” button.

Step 3: Accept the Confirmation Pop Up

As soon as you click on the “Add to Chrome” button, you’ll be prompted with a pop up to add an extension to your chrome browser. Click on the “Add extension”. You can notice the file begins downloading on chrome. Wait until the download completes.

Step 4: See TubeBuddy Icon

After you successfully installed the TubeBuddy extension on Chrome, you can see the TubeBuddy icon on the top of your browser. By checking this, you can confirm the installation of TubeBuddy on your chrome browser.

Step 5: Go To YouTube

As I mentioned earlier, it works on top of the YouTube dashboard so you need to sign in with your YouTube channel email to unlock the full features of TubeBuddy. Don’t worry, it’s a YouTube certified tool and 100% safe to sign in.


Go to and on the top right, you’ll be prompted with a sign-in message.

tubebuddy sign in

Step 6: Sign in To TubeBuddy

Click on the TubeBuddy icon on YouTube. You’ll be prompted with a pop-up. Check the terms and condition checkbox and click on the “Sign in with YouTube” to install TubeBuddy.

sign in to TubeBuddy

Step 7: Select Gmail Associated with YouTube Channel

As soon as you click on the sign-in, you need to select the Gmail account associated with your YouTube channel. Then you need to select the channel name(if multiple channels are created in the same Gmail account).

Step 8: Grant Access To TubeBuddy

Now TubeBuddy wants to access your Gmail account to manage your YouTube channel by looking at the channel metrics. Click on “Allow” to proceed further.

tubebuddy access for chrome

Step 9: Kudos! TubeBuddy Installed Successfully

That’s it! You successfully installed TubeBuddy on Chrome browser. It’s time for you to explore the amazing features.

verify tubebuddy installation

Here’s a video on how to install TubeBuddy on Chrome

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How To Install TubeBuddy on Firefox

Firefox is the second most popular browser that stands next to Chrome. TubeBuddy is available in Firefox as well.

 Go to the Firefox addons page and search for TubeBuddy.

tubebuddy firefox installation


You’ll be taken to the TubeBuddy add-ons page. Click on “Add to FireFox”.


After that give permission to TubeBuddy add-ons on your Firefox browser by clicking on the “Add” button.

add tubebuddy firefox addon


It’ll show a pop-up saying that TubeBuddy has been added to Firefox. Just click on the “Okay, Got it”.

tubebuddy added to firefox

That’s it. You installed TubeBuddy successfully on your Firefox browser. I highly recommend installing and using TubeBuddy on Chrome to experience the full features seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TubeBuddy safe and certified by YouTube?

Yes. TubeBuddy is safe to use and install. It’s certified by YouTube and here’s the certification proof.

What are the browsers support TubeBuddy?

Primary browser is Chrome. But TubeBuddy is officially available in Firefox, Edge, and Opera as well.

Is TubeBuddy secure?

Yes. All transmission over TubeBuddy is done through HTTPs protocol. When you’re sign-in to TubeBuddy with Gmail, it uses the OAuth authentication mechanism and it’s one of the secured authentications.

How can I revoke TubeBuddy permission?

Be cautious before doing this because you may not use TubeBuddy after you revoked the permission. Go to the permission page and revoke the permission for TubeBuddy.

Does TubeBuddy cost money?

It has both free and premium plans. I suggest starting exploring the freemium features first because 40% of features are available free. Check out the pricing details here.

Does TubeBuddy have a coupon code when you upgrade?

Yes, it does have coupon code to encourage the freemium user to explore the premium features. Use coupon code 25OFFAMARINDAZ and get a 25% lifetime off on all paid plans.

How can I uninstall TubeBuddy?

Do a right-click on the TubeBuddy icon on your browser and select the option “Remove from Chrome” to uninstall TubeBuddy.

How can I upgrade TubeBuddy?

If you are on a free plan and want to upgrade. After installing TubeBuddy, Just check out the Upgrade page and proceed with the subscription to upgrade.

How can I contact the TubeBuddy support team?

If you run into any problems on TubeBuddy, you can feel free to contact them in these many ways.

What is the best Premium TubeBuddy plan?

I highly recommend the star plan. Use coupon code 25OFFAMARINDAZ when you upgrade to save some $.

tubebuddy plans page 

I'm unable to install Tubebuddy on Google Chrome. What should I do?

For some obvious reason, if you are not able to install TubeBuddy I suggest you get help from their support team. You’ll get a reply within a business day.

Final Thoughts

Now you learned how to install TubeBuddy on Chrome and Firefox. There is no doubt that TubeBuddy is an amazon tool to optimize videos and improve the overall growth of your YouTube channel.


If you are running into any issue during the installation check how to fix TubeBuddy installation issue.


If you are very serious about your channel growth, use TubeBuddy for at least 3 months to see the real outcome. It’s time to take action now!

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