Advanced YouTube Comments Filter For Pro YouTubers

Advanced YouTube comments filter

In this blog post, we are going to dive deep into the advanced YouTube comment filter for pro YouTubers to organize their community fast & keep it in good shape with minimal effort.

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Why You Should Reply To YouTube Comments?

You very much have lots of comments on your YouTube channel, some of which are unnecessary criticism while the others are insightful and honest reviews. 

I am very sure that you’re very much interested to reply to positive reviews and comments but this will be quite difficult due to the numerous comments you have and that’s where Tubebuddy can help you filter YouTube comments quickly. 


TubeBuddy is a one-stop plugin for complete YouTube channel management and I highly recommend this extension for pro YouTubers.


🎁 How to Install TubeBuddy on Chrome & FireFox For Free


Youtube comments are super important for your channel and so is replying to them. You as a Youtuber can very much make use of the comments section to communicate with your viewers.

Advantages Of Replying To YouTube Comments

Here I’ll show you a few benefits of why it is important to reply to your youtube comments:

Grow Community with YouTube Comments

Replying to your Youtube comments can help you create a community where communication can be made easier between you and your viewers. 


Here someone can make a valuable review about your video and it will be visible to you and your other viewers, then you reply with your own opinion on the comment. 


This helps you to be enlightened on how you can improve your content, get more and better opinions from other viewers, and also satisfy them better on your next videos.

Improve Search Engine Visibility

The more comments and conversations you have on Youtube the more visibility you get for that video. With Youtube and Google’s search algorithm, you’ll be more noticeable when someone searches for one of your keywords. 


These replies and interactions give you more credibility and acknowledgment that makes your video contents generate more traffic and improve your video rankings.

Increase the YouTube Channel Authority

As you engage in conversations with your audience in the comment section, it gives you more authority by showing them that you are highly qualified and pay attention to your viewers and subscribers.


 In this case, you’ll get more insights from them and this, in turn, will help you generate authority in your industry. 


Replying to your comments is very helpful in improving your status and getting more subscribers and viewers on Youtube. 

TubeBuddy Advanced YouTube Comments Filters

Tubebuddy is going to be a major factor in the success of your channel. It will help you easily manage a large number of comments by making use of advanced filtering options. 


YouTube does have a filter but it’s not up to the expectation of YouTubers and TubeBuddy fills this gap.


If you’re having issues and challenges keeping up with the comments on your channel because you get a lot, then Tubebuddy is for you. 


Youtube’s comment managing system is so clunky and hard to use, well guess what, you can keep it simple by installing Tubebuddy. 


Because with its easy to understand user interface, you will be able to easily filter your comments in no time. TubeBuddy acts as a perfect YouTube comments filter extension.


Moreover, it works on the YouTube studio interface itself. So, you don’t need to visit a separate website for the YouTube comments filter.


Also, if you want to filter by viewers questions, positive sentiment, profanity, negative sentiment, or certain keywords quickly and easily within the comments on your videos then you can very much make use of this tool. 


Just install TubeBuddy on your favorite browser.


Go to the  YouTube studio, click comments.


You can find the TubeBuddy advanced YouTube comments filter as shown below

youtube comments filter types

With Tubebuddy you’ll be able to filter your YouTube comments based on 


  • The YouTube comments you’ve not replied to

  • The replies which need to follow up on

  • The YouTube comments that contain questions

  • The comments that contain questions that you have not replied to

  • The YouTube comments that contain links (URLs)

  • The comments from Patreon supporters

  • The YouTube comments from your recent subscribers

  • The comments that contain certain words.


TubeBuddy also provides you with advanced comment filtering options to make comments sorting more adequate and efficient for you. 


On the YouTube Dashboard comments, Click on the drop-down next to show comments and select the “Advanced” option.

The advance filtering consists of different filters and let’s see those comments filter options in details:

Started By- YouTube Comments Filter Option

Here you’ll be able to filter your comments based on who started the conversation. 


Whether it was anyone, you, someone else or if you have a legend license you’ll be able to find comments where a Patreon supporter or a recent subscriber started the conversation.

filter youtube comment started by

That - YouTube Comments Filter Option

With this filter, you’ll be able to sort out comments based on replies. It shows you the comments that you have responded to, comments that you’ve not replied to, comments that no one has replied to, and replies that need to be followed upon. 


This is one of the most important filters as it helps you keep track of your multiple comments based on replies. 


With this, you can follow up on your comments and how you can provide adequate replies for them.

Contain - YouTube Comments Filter Option

With this filter, you can choose what types of content the comments contain. 


You can filter the comments that contain questions, profanity, positive sentiment, negative sentiment, or even a specific word. That’s right, you’ll be able to search for a particular keyword within the comments section. 


With this filter, you’ll be able to see which comments are the most important and you can make them your priority. You will be able to get rid of negative and unnecessary sentiment which will not be useful to you or your channel.

Results Count- YouTube Comments Filter Option

You can also choose how many results you want to see at once. However, the more results you want to see, the longer the process takes to display the results for you. 


Once the tool starts the search you’ll be able to see how many comments it searched for as it will be displayed above on the page. 


With these filters I combined, you can be able to grow a wonderful community on your Youtube channel, organize your comments, and provide adequate replies to them.


Also, get insights from your audience on how you can make efficiency improvements to help boost your channel’s viewers. 

filter Youtube comments by number of results

Two Reasons Why You Need Advanced YouTube Comments Filter

Keep All Your Comments Organized

With Tubebuddy your comments filtering can be more organized than ever before. 

Here you’ll be provided with the opportunity to use various filter options at the same time.

Pay Attention To Comments That Helps to Grow Your Channel

Yes, filtering your comments indeed helps to create a community with you and your audience, it is also important to have different communities on your comment section based on the different types of comments you get. 


For example; you’ll be able to discuss with your audience properly by separating their comments based on their different opinions. 


Some comments might be asking questions and others may be dropping positive insights which may in turn improve your channel. 


You need to be able to group them based on different factors so that you will be able to provide adequate answers for all.


If you haven’t installed TubeBuddy, just install the TubeBuddy now!

Please do let me know if you have any questions.

Also, please do share it with your friends❤️

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