[73% OFF] TubeBuddy Coupon Code Valid For Lifetime

TubeBuddy Coupon Code To Save Upto 70%

In this blog post, I’ll share different types of TubeBuddy coupon code for various plans that would help you to get discounts up to 70% and save your valuable money for a lifetime.


👉 Are you planning to upgrade TubeBuddy?

👉 Have you decided on the TubeBuddy plan for an upgrade?

👉 Have you finalized the subscription type (monthly or annual)?

👉 Have you finalized the channel for the TubeBuddy upgrade(if you have more than one channel)?


Since you landed in this post, I’m sure that you’re super impressed with TubeBuddy free account features and going to buy a premium TubeBuddy plan with a huge discount with the TubeBuddy coupon code!


If you are thinking about premium TubeBuddy plan, please don’t go directly to the TubeBuddy checkout page without reading this blog post completely. Because you’re gonna lose $1000 in the long run if you skip this post.


For example, let’s say you use the 50% TubeBuddy coupon code and upgrade your TubeBuddy account, you’ll be eligible for the same 50% discount throughout your life! 


So, you’ll be saving tons of money if you’re using the service for many years.


Before looking into the TubeBuddy promo code, you need to install the TubeBuddy on your favorite browser

My 5 Favourite TubeBuddy Cool Features

Let me list out my 5 favorite TubeBuddy features in the premium plan that could save a lot of time and optimize your YouTube videos and rank easily on the YouTube search results. 


These are the features that I regularly use on my YouTube channel.


So, you can decide the TubeBuddy plan based on the features that resonate with your needs.

Bulk Processing

You can bulk update YouTube end-cards, end screen, title, and description. This is a super cool feature listed on TubeBuddy from STAR plan. 


When your channel grows, you’ll get an email from clients to append their website link on your channel description and you’ll be paid either PPC(Pay per click) or PPL(Pay per lead). 


Doing this manually definitely takes a lot of time if your channel has more than 50 videos. With this TubeBuddy bulk description update, you can get it done in less than 2 minutes. 

tubebuddy bulk replace

Keyword Rank Tracking

In YouTube, the keyword is everything. If your video rank #1 for a keyword, you get 80% of search volume traffic. If it dropped to #2, you’ll likely get 40-50% of search volume traffic and you end up losing 40% of free traffic. 

tubebuddy keyword rank track

It heavily affects your monetization revenue and conversion rate(for website owner/affiliate marketer).


If your track video keyword ranks regularly, you can get rid of this problem. TubeBuddy has a keyword rank tracking feature on YouTube as well on Google from STAR plan which sends out the ranking details directly to your email.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to track keyword rank tracking.

Video AB Testing

Doing an AB test is a great way to find what thumbnail or title or tags really works and what does not works by changing it alternate days automatically. This is such an awesome feature for pro YouTubers to improve their click-through rate.

tubebuddy ab testing

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do thumbnail AB testing. TubeBuddy offers this feature on the Legend plan.

Tag Suggestion

It is another great feature on TubeBudddy.As soon as you upload a video, you’ll see a bunch of user search tags related to your video title and description.


You can easily pick with a single click. TubeBuddy has this feature from the Pro plan onwards.

Here’s a guide to find the best tags for your video using TubeBuddy

Keyword Research Tool

As I mentioned earlier, the keyword is everything. You’ve to do  thorough keyword research before creating video content. If you pick the wrong keyword, you hardly get views irrespective of whatever optimization you did.


TubeBuddy has an inbuilt keyword research tool, that helps you to pick the right keyword for your YouTube channel based on the previous analytics data. TubeBuddy offers this feature from the STAR plan onwards.

tubebuddy keyword explorer

Here’s a guide on how to do keyword research on TubeBuddy.


Without further ado, let’s dive into the TubeBuddy coupon code and save more $$$

TubeBuddy Coupon Code For More Savings

Let’s see the different types of TubeBuddy coupon code available and how to save the maximum profit out of them on Legend, Star, and Pro plans.

TubeBuddy Coupon Code For Legend Plan

TubeBuddy Legend plan is the highest plan on TubeBuddy. You have access to all the 67+ premium features.

To name a few amazing features – Video AB Test, auto tag translator, retention analyzer, export comments, click magnet for more detailed analysis are the most wanted features available exclusively on the TubeBuddy Legend plan.

Normal Price: $49(12 months$588)

When you pay annually – $470.40(you’ll get 20% discount and could save $118)

tubebuddy coupon code legend plan

Use the below TubeBuddy coupon code for Legend plan and save an additional 25% discount.


Totally, you’ll get 45% off and you just have to pay $352 instead of $588. You’re saving $236 totally with the below TubeBuddy coupon code


Bonus Tip: If you go for the TubeBuddy STAR monthly plan, you’ve to pay $19/month and for a year you’ll pay $228. 


But with just an extra $120 bucks you’re getting Legend plan with the TubeBuddy discount code.So, I would suggest to think twice before picking STAR plan.

TubeBuddy Coupon Code For STAR Plan

TubeBuddy STAR plan is the most popular and budget friendly plan among YouTubers. My favourite bulk processing features are available from this plan.TubeBuddy STAR plan price is $19/month.

You can easily get a 20% discount, if you decide to pay annually. With the annual plan, you just have to pay $182 instead of $228 and save $46.

tubebuddy coupon code for star plan

On top of that, you can use the additional 25% with the below TubeBuddy coupon code. So, you just have to pay $136. You’re saving $92 with the TubeBuddy promo code

TubeBuddy Coupon Code For PRO Plan

TubeBuddy PRO plan works well if you just started a YouTube channel and are looking for some traction. In TubeBuddy Pro plan, you’ll get keyword research, tag optimization and promotion tools which help you to take your channel to the next level.


 I’m not a big fan of PRO plan, but if you are a new YouTuber and have a tight budget then you can opt for this.


TubeBuddy PRO plan starts at $9/month.


TubeBuddy gives a 50% OFF if your channel is having less than 1000 subscribers without any TubeBuddy coupon Code needed.


All you need to do is just select the checkbox “I have less than 1000 subscribers” and you’re good. You just have to pay $4.50/month.

tubebuddy coupon code for pro plan

Also, you’ll get another 20% OFF if you select the checkbox “I will pay yearly”. So, you have to pay only $43/year instead of $108. 


Totally, you’re getting 70% OFF.

tubebuddy discount code pro plan

If you have more than 1000 subscribers, you can use the below TubeBuddy coupon code and get 50% off.

tubebuddy promocode pro plan

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to lock yourself in the subscription. You can get the TubeBuddy Pro Plan for life with One time payment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best TubeBuddy plan?

TubeBuddy STAR plan is the best plan for Pro YouTubers. If you want some advanced options like AB testing then I suggest Legend plan.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the TubeBuddy plan later?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade the TubeBuddy plan at any time. Just reach out the TubeBuddy amazing support team to get this done!

Can I use TubeBuddy on multiple channels?

Yes, you can use TubeBuddy on multiple channels but you have to purchase the license separately for each channel.

Does TubeBuddy offer any perks for premium plans?

Yes, you’ll get free access to Audio Hero, Jude Deck, YouTube SEO course and much more. Checkout the perks here

Can I cancel TubeBuddy paid plans anytime?

Yes, all plans come with a 30 day refund policy. No question asked. Just reach out to the support.

Its Perfect Time For TubeBuddy Upgrade

TubeBuddy is definitely a most wanted tool if you want to grow your YouTube channel. I hope this blog post helps you to grow your YouTube channel with the TubeBuddy premium feature with extra discount.


If you don’t take action now, definitely you won’t take later. Now, it’s the perfect time to upgrade TubeBuddy!

Please do let me know if you have any questions


P:S All TubeBuddy coupon codes mentioned in this blog post are thoroughly tested and if you’re facing any issue please do let me know in the comments.

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