How To Increase CTR With TubeBuddy Thumbnail Generator

How To Increase CTR With TubeBuddy Thumbnail Generator

YouTube thumbnail, a swift snap of your video, is a vital part to grab the viewers’ attention to your video. If the viewer finds the thumbnail appealing and attractive, then he or she most presumably watches the video too. 

So, you should create a pleasant and catchy thumbnail, to increase your views on your YouTube videos. TubeBuddy thumbnail generator feature makes this effortless for you.

Thumbnails tend to raise your CTR (click-through rate, this measures how often your video is being watched by the viewers after seeing the thumbnail on the search results or suggestion videos). 

If you want to measure how effective your thumbnail is, you can easily do that right from the YouTube Studio.

Just go to YouTube Studio => Analytics => Reach => “Impressions and how they led to watch time”

Here’s how I increased my CTR from 4.2% to 8.5% with TubeBuddy thumbnail generator.

tubebuddy click through rate

From the above image, you can understand that your YouTube thumbnail is a doorway to your videos and to your YouTube channel views and watch time. 

If the viewers find it attractive, then certainly they will end up clicking on your video out of curiosity even without reading video title and meta description.

Let’s see how to increase views with the TubeBuddy thumbnail generator.

TubeBuddy is a powerful YouTube plugin that is designed especially for YouTubers to improve their productivity and grow their YouTube channel fast. 

TubeBuddy has various more features to organically improve channel growth. With this, you can create catchy thumbnails that aid you in getting more clicks, hence more views and traffic.

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How To Launch TubeBuddy Thumbnail Generator

1 million hours of video is uploaded daily to YouTube but not all get a million views.95% of the videos failed to grab the viewers’ attention despite having good content. 

YouTube is such a profitable platform to make money online.

The major reason behind this is the poor thumbnail. TubeBuddy helps you in creating appealing thumbnails effortlessly. 

Before I proceed with the steps to create the same with the TubeBuddy thumbnail generator, I assume that you have installed TubeBuddy already on your browser. 

If not, or you are new to hear about this tool, you can install TubeBuddy now.

For making thumbnails, there are two mandatory points that you should keep in mind.

The custom thumbnail size should be in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The thumbnail resolution is 1280 by 720.

Here’s my 12 YouTube Thumbnail Best Practices & Tips Every YouTuber

Should Know.

Follow the steps that are listed below to create the thumbnails with the TubeBuddy thumbnail generator.

Step #1: Go To Video Details Page

Go to YouTube Studio => Content. Pick the video you want to design thumbnail with TubeBuddy thumbnail generator and then choose ‘edit the video’ by clicking the edit icon for which you wish to create the thumbnail.

You’ll be taken to the video details page.

 If you want to create a thumbnail during upload, you can also do so in the same video details page.

Step #2: Click on Create Thumbnail

On the video detail page, where the details of the videos are displayed, select the ‘CREATE THUMBNAIL’ button (you will see this option only if you have installed TubeBuddy) just below the description textbox. You can see this only if you have installed TubeBuddy on your browser.

tubebuddy thumbnail generator on video detail

Step #3: Thumbnail Design Page

This will navigate you to the ‘TubeBuddy Thumbnail Generator’ page. You will witness the actual thumbnail which is selected by default on YouTube on the left side.

You can split the process of making thumbnails into three steps.

  1. Background
  2. Layer
  3. Preview
Let’s have a glance at all these sections successively.
tubebuddy thumbnail generator background

How To Design Thumbnail With TubeBuddy Thumbnail Generator

As I mentioned earlier, creating a thumbnail in TubeBuddy is a simple 3 steps process. 

👉 Create A Background

👉 Add Layers on Top Of it

👉 Preview Before Upload

Let’s see that in detail

Step #1: Create Background

You can add a background image of your video thumbnail in this section. You can add a solid color in the background or your own image or stills from the video frame.

If you upload your own image, it’ll be saved on TubeBuddy thumbnail generator so that you can use the same template for other videos.

When your video has some funny or interesting moments, then you can use the stills from the video frame option.

If you desire to upload your own image in the background, then make sure to upload it in the resolution of 1280 by 720. 

After choosing the background, click on the ‘CONTINUE’ button.

thumbnail background

Step #2: Add Layers

You can add texts, emoticons, images, frames, and templates in the section. You have to showcase your hands-on effects here. 

Keep in mind that when you are making thumbnails, just try to use big fonts, and highlight the layers so that they can grab the viewers’ eyes.

You can add various font sizes from ‘XS’ to ‘XXXL’. Additionally, you can use different fonts and it is also possible that you can upload even your own font if you want. 

Note: Just above the thumbnail image, you’ll find below options as icons.

1.Bring to front- If you have multiple layer, you can bring any one of the layer to the top

2.Send To Back – If you want the layer to send back

3.Lock Layer- It’ll lock the selected layer so that you can’t move

4.Opactiy – If you have multiple layer you can change the opacity to show all layers

5.Black an white drop shadow – It’ll add a shadow to the thumbnail

6.Brightnes – To adjust the brightness of the image

7.Contrast – To adjust the contrast of the image

8.Delete – To delete the selected layer

The cool feature about TubeBuddy is you can save the layers as a template and you can apply it to any video later.

This is really super helpful if you create thumbnails for the playlist.

tubebuddy thumnbail design layer

Once you are done with this, proceed to the preview page by clicking on the “Continue” button at the bottom.

Step #3: Preview

The final part is the thumbnail preview option on various platforms. Just make sure that your thumbnail is visible on all the devices. 

In this section, you can see how your thumbnail is finally going to look like.

You can see the preview of your thumbnail on YouTube, Facebook & Twitter.

tubebuddy thumbnail preview

If you are done and satisfied with your thumbnail image, then click the ‘Save and Publish’ button.

Your thumbnail will be updated instantly. You can also find an option to download the thumbnail.

download tubebuddy thumbnail

8 Powerful Tips To Make Catchy Thumbnail

Some tips that help you in making your thumbnails more attractive.

👉 Make sure that the thumbnail image size and shapes do not exceed the prescribed limit. The size and shape are vital components in creating thumbnails.

👉 Highlighting and enlarging the catchy words are much important. Words such as ‘free’, ‘tips’, ‘offer’, ‘discount’, and so on attract the attention of the viewers.

👉 You should use your channel’s icon in the thumbnail image.

👉 You should try to apply identical fonts, and colors all over the thumbnail of your channel.

👉 You should follow a similar template to your overall channel videos.

👉 Just don’t use Clickbait thumbnails, which will create a poor impact on the viewers which can also affect your YouTube video SEO.

👉 If you are using human faces, then you should take a separate photo session for your thumbnails.

👉 Always make sure to use effective YouTube thumbnail makers such as TubeBuddy thumbnail generator tool.

People Also Ask For

What is the best YouTube thumbnail maker online?

There are various YouTube thumbnail makers that are available online. Some of them are Canva, Snappa, Visme, TubeBuddy, PicMonkey, PixTeller, and many more, but the I prefere Tubebuddy thumbnail generator.

Why YouTube thumbnails are important?

Thumbnails tend to raise your CTR. Thumbnail is a swift snap of your video. It is a vital part to grab the viewers' attention to your video. If the viewer finds the thumbnail appealing, then he or she most presumably watches the video too. Therefore, they are important.

What should be the size of the thumbnail resolution?

The size and shape are vital components in creating thumbnails. Make sure that the thumbnail resolution does not exceed the dimensions 1280 by 720.

How much does the TubeBuddy cost?

There is a free version of TubeBuddy, and it also offers a free trial. Apart from this, its pricing starts at $4.50 per month.

Which browsers does TubeBuddy support?

Presently, TubeBuddy is officially supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Opera can be used as well with a further extension to add assistance for Chrome extensions.

Why are my Custom YouTube thumbnails not shown?

YouTube might disabled YouTube thumbnail if it violates the policy.

Please do let me know if you have any questions on the TubeBuddy thumbnail generator.

Can you upload a custom thumbnail without tubebuddy?

Yes, you can upload custom thumbnail without TubeBuddy as well but you lose the images and template features on TubeBuddy.

How to access thumbnail templates in tubebuddy?

You can access the saved templates on Step #2 Layers section.

Can you edit a thumbnail on tubebuddy after it's been published?

Yes, you can edit the thumbnail with TubeBuddy even after your video is published.

To Sum Up!

Now, you know how to create attractive thumbnails with the TubeBuddy thumbnail generator which will surely help you in getting more clicks on your videos.

 I have also shared some tips that will aid you in making thumbnails that will definitely grab your viewers’ attention.

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