Is TubeBuddy Safe To Use on YouTube Channel?

Is TubeBuddy Safe & YouTube Certified

Before trying out TubeBuddy or any new software, many people like to make sure that it’s safe and their personal data are free from hacking from the new software that they’re going to install. 

Well, you’re probably one of those people and TubeBuddy is one of those software you’re not sure about and keen to know whether it’s safe or not?. 

I’m actually one of those people too because it is better safe than sorry. 

There are various factors and questions to ask yourself before knowing whether TubeBuddy is completely safe and they are:

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Is TubeBuddy Safe To Use?

Yes, TubeBuddy is safe to use and legit plugin ❤️. There are various reasons why TubeBuddy is safe and in this article I’m going to point them out for you.

TubeBuddy is safe for you to use and as of now, I can tell you that many well-known YouTubers are using this software and it has shown to produce a top-notch quality of experience and drastically improved their productivity and channel traffic.

TubeBuddy is a well-known and trusted company consisting of a team of highly intelligent personnel.

The CEO/Co-founder of TubeBuddy is Phil Starkovich and he is responsible for the overall supervision and direction of the company. 

Recently, it was acquired by an entertainment AI company called BEN group.

TubeBuddy has been known to provide excellent services to its customers and its half a million subscribers on YouTube are good proof for you that it is a legit software.

Also, 1 Million+ user are already installed TubeBuddy from Chrome Webstore

TubeBuddy doesn’t make any of the below false claims where other crappy software does

  1. Increase traffic by 100%
  2. Get 100000 views in 4 days
  3. Get 1000 subs in 1 day
  4. Monetize your channel instantly

It’s perfectly designed for pro YouTubers to enhance their productivity and improve the channel growth organically by analyzing their channel data with existing YouTube analytics data.

It suggests the potential keywords and video tags by analyzing your channel metrics.

It helps you in monitoring your ranking on YouTube search for the given keywords.

It mainly focuses on white hat SEO which does take some time to see the changes on your dashboard.

To explore the complete 64+ TubeBuddy features checkout here

Is TubeBuddy Certified By YouTube?

Yes, TubeBuddy is YouTube certified. For a company to be certified by YouTube means that it has been considered as a trustworthy company by YouTube and this certification is not quite easy to get. 

It has to go through the YouTube tough review process to get the certification.

If you still don’t believe it, you can see TubeBuddy is listed as the certified partner on YouTube.

Are Well-Known YouTubers Using TubeBuddy?

Yes, well-known YouTubers are making use of TubeBuddy. YouTube is consumed by 1M+ content creators and famous YouTubers around the world are TubeBuddy users. 

Also, Tubebuddy continuously maintains 4.7+ reviews with a 1M+ user base.

Is TubeBuddy safe to use

To name a few lists of famous YouTubers who use and recommend Tubebuddy

✅ Derral Eves – YouTube Certified Expert

✅ Robert Blake – YouTube Entrepreneur

✅ Matt Santoro – Canadian YouTuber and comedian

✅ Sara Beth Yoga – YouTuber & Yoga Expert

sara beth yoga recomment TubeBuddy

✅ Nick Nimmin – YouTube SEO Expert

nick nimmin TubeBuddy user

This is proof that TubeBuddy is used by well-known YouTubers all around the world.

Why TubeBuddy Asking For Access To My Channel?

TubeBuddy is an amazing tool for you to grow your channel faster and gain more organic traffic. It comprises numerous cool features but for it to work on your channel it will require some access. 

It needs access to analyze what video on your channel brings more traffic, what keyword worked well, and what keyword you can easily rank for and other such metrics for better optimization of your channel.

Here’s a screen that you might be afraid of while installing TubeBuddy

Let’s breakdown the permission and see that in detail:

👉 See, edit, and permanently delete your YouTube videos, ratings, comments, and captions.

Wait! TubeBuddy can delete my YouTube videos? More details later! TubeBuddy needs permission for this to understand your channel Like ration, comments signals, and video metadata information.

👉 View YouTube analytics report for your YouTube content

    TubeBuddy needs permission for this to access your channel analytics to understand your monthly views, subscribers count, click-through-rate, audience retention, audience demographic, non-monetized videos, YouTube cards, and end-screen metrics.

👉 Manage your YouTube account

 TubeBuddy needs permission for scheduling videos, changing video metadata information for A/B testing.

Well, TubeBuddy can’t work well on your channel without the above permissions and this is a good reason why you need to give permission to access your channel.


Can TubeBuddy Automatically Delete My Videos?

Let’s come to the most important thing.TubeBuddy cannot automatically edit and delete your videos without your explicit approval. In other words, TubeBuddy doesn’t do anything on your channel without your consent.

It needs such type of access to consume YouTube data API for TubeBuddy bulk actions features such as copy end screen, copy cards, mass edit YouTube description, and title.

See the long answer for question “Is TubeBuddy secure” on TubeBuddy FAQ section.

Is My Personal Data Safe On TubeBuddy?

In short, yes. Your data is safe on TubeBuddy. Some users are skeptical about using TubeBuddy because of trust issues but the fact that this program has been certified by YouTube is proof enough that it is a highly trusted plugin built to help YouTubers. 

Also, you can have a look at the TubeBuddy policy about your data scrutiny.

Although, don’t forget that you are most responsible for the security of your account.

You should keep it safe by not exposing your account details to other people and making sure that only you/authorized personnel have full access to your YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy only requests for your personal information during certain scenarios such as:

  • TubeBuddy will require your personal information for the payment to be made when upgrading TubeBuddy. Your payment is taken care of by a trusted PayPal company called Braintree.
  • TubeBuddy collects your personal information such as name, email from your google account for contacting and identification.
  • They also monitor your IP address, browser name, and access times for account security.

Keep in mind that other trusted sites also require these sets of information from you so it shouldn’t be strange when TubeBuddy requests such permissions.

Read TubeBuddy terms of use about user confidentiality

tubebuddy terms of use

Is TubeBuddy GDPR Compliant?

GDPR is an EU law on data protection and privacy. TubeBuddy is a GDPR compliant software. You can find the details here


TubeBuddy is an efficient tool hand-crafted specially YouTubers like you to grow your channel and the only reason you might be having second thoughts about using it is that you want to know is TubeBuddy safe to use? 

Pro tip: See YouTube community thread about “Is TubeBuddy safe” and look at the answers given by YouTube expert

With the information being provided for you in this article about TubeBuddy we can conclude by saying that TubeBuddy is a safe plugin or extension and a gift for YouTubers. 

So use TubeBuddy without any second thought now and see the rate at which your channel grows with ease.

For further safety and security related questions, you can reach TubeBuddy support.

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