10 YouTube Video Upload Checklist For Fully Optimized Video

Video upload checklist

Do you have a YouTube video upload checklist?


In this blog post, we are going to learn how to create your own YouTube video upload checklist and its importance for your YouTube channel growth.

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Why Do You Need A YouTube Video Upload Checklist?

We are humans and we tend to forget things! Especially when you’re uploading a video on YouTube, you can’t wait to hit the publish button.

After the launch of new YouTube studio, I completely forgot to update tags for few of my videos because of the change in the upload flow and realized it later.


From that point, I maintain a customized YouTube launch checklist to avoid such huge mistakes.


According to YouTube creator academy, metadata information is crucial ranking factors for videos.


But YouTube never prompt you to enter such important metadata information before you hitting the publish button. You have to take care of your own.


During the upload process, you may miss out a most important things like:


👉 Adding a call to action link on description

👉 Writing a detailed description

👉 Including YouTube tags

👉 Adding cards

👉 Inserting End-screen

👉 Adding affiliate link or download link(if applicable)

👉 Uploading custom thumbnail

👉 Inserting hashtags

👉 Turning on monetization

👉 Adding to the playlist

👉 Share it on social media


At the beginning, it may seem like minor issues but it might heavily impact your channel growth and revenue on a long run.


If you have a handy YouTube video upload checklist, you can easily fix all these issues.


Let me share my secret tool below to easily keep track of the important information while uploading videos.

How To Create YouTube Video Upload Checklist?

As mentioned eariler, YouTube doesn’t have this YouTube video upload checklist feature.

Either you can create your own physical/digital checklist or you can make use of the customized upload checklist with the help of TubeBuddy.

I use TubeBuddy for tracking the important info and it automatically pops out at the time of uploading videos.

Moreover it’s a FREE feature on TubeBuddy.

Just install TubeBuddy on your favourite browser.

That’s it! You are all set!

Go ahead and upload your video to YouTube. You can see YouTube launch checklist pop out on the upload page as shown below


youtube video upload checklist

Check the boxes one by one after you complete the checklist items.


For example, after you wrote the compelling title, you can tick the checkbox before “Write a compelling title” checklist.


So, before you hit the publish button make sure that you have all the checkboxes ticked.

Key Items in YouTube Video Upload Checklist

TubeBuddy by default contains the 10 most important items in the checklist.


Here is the list of 10 YouTube video upload checklist for fully optimized videos.


    👉 Write a compelling title

    👉 Enter a complete description

    👉 Add descriptive tags

    👉 Create custom thumbnail

    👉 Monetization settings

    👉 Add YouTube cards

    👉 Add to playlist

    👉 Video engagement

    👉 Promote across existing videos

    👉 Share on Social medial


The above YouTube checklists are mandatory and applicable to all YouTubers.


If you want to add a new item or modify the existing item on the checklist you can do that as well.


Let’s see how to do that.

How To Modify YouTube Video Upload Checklist?

To modify the existing YouTube checklist, go to the TubeBuddy account page


Click on the channel if you associate multiple channels into TubeBuddy.


On the left side menu, select the “LaunchPad” and click “Checklist template” option.

youtube launch checklist

You can see the Manage checklist template page as shown in the above image.


You can drag and drop the order if you wish to rearrange the checklist items.


If you want to change the existing checklist name, click the “Pencil” icon across the checklist.

It opens a pop-up where you can edit the YouTube channel checklist title, description and it’s position.


Finally save the checklist item.

youtube upload checklist

How To Delete YouTube Video Upload Checklist?

If you want to delete the existing YouTube checklist, click the X icon across the checklist item.


It’s that simple!

youtube video editing checklist

How To Add New Items To YouTube Video Upload Checklist?

Click on the “Add Item” at the top of the page to add new items to the existing video checklist.

update youtube checklist

Enter the checklist item title, description and position. Finally click the Save button to add it to the existing upload checklist.

adding youtube checklist items

How To Print or Save YouTube Checklist as PDF?

If you want to print the YouTube checklist or have it in the form of PDF(YouTube checklist pdf), you can do so with the Print option at the top of the page.

print youtube checklist

How To Import YouTube Checklist from Famous YouTubers?

 If you don’t want to re-invent the wheel and wanna copy the famous YouTubers upload checklist, you can do so by importing their checklist into your account.

On the top right, you can find “Import List”, click on it.

manage youtube checklist

Select the YouTubers account to import their YouTube checklist. 


You can also preview their checklist and customize it according to your need.


Finally, click on the “Import” button.

youtube checklist template

Wondering how to check the upload checklist of already uploaded videos?

You can do that easily and thanks to the TubeBuddy cloud database which stores the checklist of all your videos.

Cross verifying the checklist is the most essential feature for YouTubers.

For example, let’s assume you have included a new item in your checklist recently. 

If you want to check whether your previous video has the checklist item or not, you can do that from YouTube dashboard.

Go to YouTube Studio > Videos.

Hover over the video that you want to check the upload checklist.

Click on the TubeBuddy icon and navigate to Launch Pad tab.

Click on the link to launch checklist items for that video.

youtube channel checklist

That’s it! Now you learned the importance of having a YouTube video upload checklist and how to track it easily with TubeBuddy.


Upload Checklist is a TubeBuddy FREE feature so give it a shot and let me know how it works.

Please do let me know if you have any questions.

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