How Perfect YouTube End Screen Template drives 2x Traffic

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In this blog post, we are going to learn how to effectively use the YouTube End Screen to increase channel traffic and how to improve productivity with YouTube End Screen Template.

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What is YouTube End Screen?

YouTube End Screen is a feature that helps to advertise or promote other videos, playlist, associated websites, subscriptions, crowdfunding, other channel videos in the last 20 seconds of the YouTube video.

Why YouTube End Screen Is So Important?

It helps to keep your viewers engaged after watching your video by directing them to other campaigns.


 One of the key manifestoes of YouTube is to keep viewers on YouTube as long as possible. So, just think about your video that doesn’t have YouTube End Screen.


 After viewers watched your video, YouTube wants to engage them on the platform so the “Up Next” feature started suggesting 100s of other videos in the pipeline to keep them engaged.


So, if you don’t add an End Screen or a clear call to action at the end of YouTube video, you’re losing a big chunk of traffic.


When YouTube video title and thumbnail increase the CTR, end screen increase the audience-retention rate for the channel.

youtube end screen importance

YouTube End Screen Best Practices

Choose what to promote. Your first step is to identify the purpose of using End Screen on your videos. 


Do you want to keep your viewers engaged on your channel? ⇨ Then you should add related video as end screen elements.


Do you want to send viewers to your website? ⇨ First, you should associate that website to YouTube and that in the End Screen to send traffic to your external website.


Do you want to increase the subscribers? ⇨ Then you should add a subscription button as an End screen element.


Do you want to promote a playlist? ⇨ Then insert the playlist as an end screen element.


2 Videos(1 Best for viewer video and 1 related video) + 1 subscription button is the most common YouTube end screen practice.


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How To Add An End Screen to YouTube Video

Now you learned the importance of adding end Screen. Let’s see how to add an end screen to a YouTube video.


Follow the below steps to add an End Screen to a YouTube video

Step 1 

 Go to YouTube Studio Dashboard 


Step 2

 Select the video that you want to add an end screen.


Step 3

On the right side, you can see the option “End Screen” below the “visibility” options on the video Info page. Click on it.


Step 4

It’ll open an End Screen Pop up and ask you to select an option from a different YouTube End Screen template.

youtube end screen template page

Step 5

Click on any of the YouTube End Screen Templates to apply it to video. Alternatively, you can also click on the “+Element” button at the top to manually add a YouTube End screen element one by one.

youtube end screen elements

Step 6

 Once you add the end screen element, it’ll appear at the right-side preview video.

Step 7

When you click on any of the YouTube End screen elements, you have the option to edit or delete the end screen element from the YouTube End screen.

edit delete youtube end screen elements

 You can also change the display time of the End Screen simply by dragging or expanding the individual element at the bottom of the page.

youtube end screen time change

Step 9

Finally, click on the “Save” button at the right top to add the elements as End Screen to the video.


That’s it. You successfully added YouTube end screen elements to your video. Just play with it to make yourself more comfortable with all YouTube End screen options.


You can go ahead and watch the video and confirm that the end screen is shown at the end of the video.

Limitations of YouTube End Screen

  1. End Screen can be added to a video only if the video is longer than 25 seconds
  2. You cannot add YouTube End Screen to the video made for kids
  3. Other YouTube elements such as cards and subscribe buttons will not be shown when the video displays the End screen.
  4. You can only add End Screen at the last 5 to 25 seconds of the video. You cannot add it to the front or the middle of the video like YouTube cards.
  5. You can only add YouTube video, playlist, subscription, and associated websites as End Screen elements.
  6. You cannot overlap end screen elements one over the other.

What is YouTube End Screen Template?

 In a simple word, collections of YouTube End screen elements are called as YouTube End Screen template. YouTube End screen elements consist of Videos, Playlist, Subscription, and links to associated external websites.


You must make use of the YouTube End Screen template to improve your productivity.


When you are on the End Screen page, YouTube by default provides 6 YouTube End Screen templates.

  1. Import end screen from the latest video

  2. 1 Video + 1 Subscribe button

  3. 1 Playlist + 1 Subscribe button

  4. 2 Videos

  5. 1 Video + 1 Playlist

  6. 1 video + 1 Playlist + 1 Subscribe button

You can pick anyone the YouTube End Screen template and the same will be applied to that video. Then you can edit/select/change/delete the end screen elements as you want.

default youtube end screen template

Advanced YouTube End Screen Template

 To improve your productivity by 10x and save your valuable time, you can save any video End Screen elements as YouTube End Screen Template with the help of TubeBuddy.


  🚀How To Install TubeBuddy on Chrome For Free?


Also, you can save multiple end screen templates for your channel with a custom name.


Then you can apply any of the YouTube End Screen Templates on any videos. When you apply the template all End Screen elements get added to the Video.


 In other words, you’re just doing a copy-paste of the end screen elements from one video to other videos by saving it as a YouTube End Screen template.


Let me show you step by step on how to save end screen elements as a YouTube End Screen template.


Step 1

  Install TubeBuddy on your browser and go to the video containing the end screen that you want to save as a YouTube End Screen template and apply that for other videos.


Step 2

 On the video settings and click on the End Screen to launch the End Screen Pop Up


Step 3

 Since you installed TubeBuddy, you can see an option “Set this video as YouTube End Screen Template” at the bottom of the pop up as shown below.

youtube end screen template image

Step 4

Click on the checkbox and it’ll prompt for a template name. Enter a template name on the Pop up and click on OK.

save youtube end screen template

Step 5

End screen elements in that video are successfully saved as the YouTube end screen template. You can also see the template name at the bottom of the end screen pop up.

Step 6

 Now it’s time to apply the YouTube end screen template on other videos. Go to the YouTube dashboard and click on the Videos on the left panel that lists the channel videos.


Step 7

Scroll down to the video where you want to apply the YouTube end screen template. Hover the mouse over the video to see the “TB” icon as shown below

apply end screen template

Step 8

Click on the “TB” icon and it lists the below options. Under the Tools tab, click on the “Apply Template” option.

applying youtube end screen template

Step 9

 You’ll get a pop-up and ask you to select the templates that you want to apply from the drop-down. Once you select the template, all end screen elements associated with that template will be shown.


Note: You can also edit/delete the elements on the pop-up by tapping on it.

apply end screen template pop up

Step 10

 Select “Remove all existing End Screen elements on video before apply template” checkbox at the bottom and click on the “Apply selected end screens” button.


Step 11

 Once the template is successfully applied, you’ll get a success message on the Pop-Up.


end screen template applied

That’s it you successfully updated your End Screen to that video with the single tap. 


You can go to that video and confirm that youtube end screen templates are applied successfully.

Best YouTube End Screen Template PSD

 If you put End screens over the video that hides the visual elements behind it. So the best idea is to have a separate block at the end of your video to show End Screens. 


Just insert the block at the end of your video content with the help of video editing tools like Shotcut.


You can find 100s of YouTube end screen templates on Snappa. It’s a one-stop-shop for all YouTube Channel image stuff (Channel art, thumbnail design, end-screen)


 Here are the sample YouTube End screen template designs

Measure the YouTube End Screen Performance

 There are two important metrics related to the end screen in the video analytics section.

They are

  1. End Screen Element – Click-through rate

  2. End Screen – Traffic source type

Click on the video from the dashboard and go to the video settings page and click on the analytics section.


YouTube End Screen Element Click-Through Rate


 On the analytics section, click on the “Engagement” tab to see the end screen Click-through rate(CTR). It tells you CTR of end screen elements like videos, playlist and subscription on the video. In other words, it tells the % of outgoing traffic from the current video.

youtube end screen metrics

YouTube End Screen Traffic source type


 On the analytics section, click on the “Reach” tab to see the End screen traffic source type. It tells you the major traffic sources for this video where you can see how much % of the traffic came from the End Screen of other videos. 

end screen traffic sources

Frequently Asked Questions

👉🏻 How long does the YouTube End screen last for?

YouTube end screen can be 5 - 20 seconds long and not more than that.

👉🏻 How to adjust YouTube End screen size?

Hover the mouse on the YouTube end screen corner and drag it to increase or decrease the YouTube End screen size.

👉🏻How to delete YouTube End screen elements?

Open the End screen pop up and click on the end screen elements that you want to delete. On the left side, you can see the trash. Click that to delete the end screen element.

👉🏻 Can I add any video on YouTube as my End Screen?

Yes, you can add any video on YouTube as your end screen element. On the end screen pop up, click on the + Element to add a video element. Then click on the element to choose a specific video where you have two search boxes 1) Your videos 2) Any videos on Youtube. Click on “Any videos on YouTube” search box and enter the video ID or video URL to find the video quickly. Finally, click “Save changes”.

👉🏻 Where can I get a free YouTube End Screen Template?

Snappa is the best place to get free end screen templates and highly recommended.

TubeBuddy is the main tool that I personally use to manage the backend of my YouTube channels. It has been a huge lifesaver when it comes to time management and properly optimizing(SEO) my channel. They have tons of free features feel free to check it out below.

Please do let me know if you have any questions about the end screen and please feel free to share your best YouTube end screen template strategy.


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