4 Secrets to choose the Best tags for YouTube videos

How to choose best tags for youtube videos

In this post, I’m going to share with you an amazing unusual tips on choosing the best tags for YouTube videos.

Are you struggling to get views on YouTube?

Are you not getting enough traffic to your YouTube channel?

Do you want more targeted viewers to watch your videos?

If your answer is yes to any one of the above question then you’re landed on the right page.

You must understand that choosing the best tags for YouTube videos is not alone sufficient for traffic. You should target other SEO optimization technique to gain optimal traffic and views.

But in this post, I’m going to share with you how selecting the best tags for YouTube videos influence traffic in one of my video after 60 days of publishing. 

I applied the same strategy that I’m going to teach you has gained 1k views/day after optimization and number of views are keep on increasing every single day.

If you look at the below image, you can see that the traffic is less than ~30 views/day for 60 days from the date of publishing.

On 61st day, I applied the YouTube tags technique and I see a steady incline in the traffic. 

You cannot expect the results in overnight. Organic traffic optimization always takes it own time.

In fact, I could able to see the traffic changes only 20 days after I applied the tags technique.

Yes, I started seeing viable results after 25 days. I did only change my tags. I didn’t do any change on the YouTube video title, description, thumbnail and other metadata.

But once it started working it continue to works! That’s the power of SEO!

youtube tags traffic proof

Table of Contents

What are YouTube tags?

Before applying the YouTube tags technique, let’s see what is YouTube tag.

As per Google, YouTube tags are the descriptive keywords that help viewers to find your content easily on YouTube as well as on other search engines like Google. 

Although, YouTube explicitly mentioned that YouTube tags plays a minimum role in video discovery, still YouTube algorithm consider the YouTube tags as one of the important SEO factor and give more weightage to YouTube tags.


How to choose best tags for YouTube videos?

Let’s see in detail how to choose best tags for YouTube videos.

I’ve analyzed over 100 videos tags on YouTube.

Most of the tags are just like one word which doesn’t make any sense to both viewers and search engine.

To keep increasing YouTube traffic you should keep applying SEO.

Of course, viewers don’t have access to see YouTube tags. There are several plugins and tools available that reveals the tags of YouTube videos. I personally use TubeBuddy and VidIQ.

For example, let’s say you’re making java tutorial videos for beginners.

I could see YouTubers are using keywords like ‘java, ‘tutorial’, ‘beginners’ and other programming language names like python.

Here’s a sample:

not recommended youtube tags

YouTube allow you to enter YouTube tags upto 500 characters so utilise it completely.

Let’s dive in and see how to choose best tags for YouTube videos and the techniques I applied to the above mentioned video.

To choose the best tags for YouTube videos, break the 500 characters tags into 4 section.

Approximately 125 words for each section.(approx 4-6 tags per section)


 Focus and LSI tags

In this section, first keyword should be the target keyword. Rest of the keywords should be related to the focus keywords.

For e.g. If your target keywords “how to lose weight“, the rest of the tags should be LSI or related keywords for target keyword.

Let me show you how to find the LSI keywords for free.

Head over to LSIgraph. Type your target keywords.

LSI tags

Here’s the tags I could pick- “fastest weight loss exercise”, “exercises to lose fat”, “weight loss exercise at home” which are related to my target keywords.


Auto suggested tags

When user types words on the YouTube, the search bar suggests the next possible word for it.

Of course, you come across this feature when you search something on YouTube search bar.

These keyword are the potential candidate for section auto-suggested tags.

Note: In the auto-suggestion, ignore the language specific keyword like “in hindi”, “in spanish”, unless you target that language speaking audience.

Pick 3-4 keyword which closely matches with your video content.

auto suggested YouTube tags


Copy cat tags

This section is specially dedicate to copy cat tags. Yes you have to apply the competitors formula which already works well for them.

Take your target keyword, in our case “how to lose weight”.

Put that on YouTube search bar.

Open the first 3 videos in separate tab each.

Look what are the other tags they’re ranking for.

These are the 3 videos ranking for my target keyword. 

youtube target keywords for tags

When I analyze the ranking of the first video, I found that it ranks well for other unexplored keywords like “diet advice” and “dieting” which is not even in my radar.

I found the rankings with TubeBuddy by clicking on the “show search ranking”.

Rinse and repeat the same for rest of the two videos.

find youtube tags rank

Category tags

In this section, add the video category. It helps YouTube to suggest your video in the respective category. In this section, include your channel name for better indexing.

For e.g. digital marketing, online marketing.

 Now you’re done with 4 sections of YouTube tags and your video is completely optimized to rank well on the search engine.

Conclude with testing

If you want to check this method is working or not, install TubeBuddy, note down the rankings immediately after you changed the YouTube tags.

Wait for 20-30 days. Note down the tag rankings. You can literally see the spike in views.

I hope you understood how to choose the best tags for YouTube video. I applied the same technique to increase the views from 30 views/day to 2k views/day.

Let me know how it works for you!

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