How To Optimize Video With Tubebuddy SEO Score

How to optimize video with TubeBuddy SEO Studio

In this blog post, we are going to learn in detail about the TubeBuddy SEO Score and how to optimize your YouTube videos with the TubeBuddy SEO studio tool to gain more organic traffic and views.

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What Is TubeBuddy SEO Score?

TubeBuddy provides a unique score for videos based on the usage of the target keyword in the video metadata such as title, description, title and thumbnail. That number is called the TubeBuddy SEO score.


The idea behind this TubeBuddy SEO score is before you upload any video to YouTube, you have to come up with nice metadata information for better search engine optimization, save it as a draft, and apply the same with one click after you upload your video to YouTube.


Let’s see that in detail.

How Does TubeBuddy SEO Score Works?

TubeBuddy SEO Score works based on the YouTube Search algorithm. As I mentioned, it looks for the usage of a target keyword in the metadata information. YouTube uses the same algorithm to rank videos on the search results as well on the suggested videos.


For instance, if I search for the keyword “TubeBuddy SEO Score” or “TubeBuddy SEO” on YouTube, it gives me 100+video on the search results.


If you look at the below YouTube search results, you can notice that the exact or partial match keywords are highlighted in bold.


 Because YouTube gives more weightage to the videos that contain the exact or partial match of the search keyword appeared in the title, description, tags, video filename, and thumbnail filename.

TubeBuddy SEO Studio

I hope now you understand the importance of optimizing YouTube videos with the focus keyword.


Now, you might think – how to find the user search keywords for my video content? 


TubeBuddy has an in-built tool called keyword explorer which gives you the user search keywords, competition, search volume, and difficulty in ranking for your video for all the keywords. 


You can find more information in my “How to Use TubeBuddy keyword explorer“.

How To Optimize Video With TubeBuddy SEO Score?

Let’s see step by step on how to optimize YouTube video before you publish with TubeBuddy SEO Score.

Installing TubeBuddy is the prerequisite for optimizing your existing and upcoming videos.


TubeBuddy works on the YouTube studio interface so you can do all the stuff like finding keywords, optimizing videos, etc., right from the YouTube Dashboard.

Step #2: Launch SEO Studio

Go to YouTube Studio and click on the TubeBuddy icon at the top right.

Click on the SEO Studio under the Extension tools.

18+ TubeBuddy Free Features that every YouTuber should know

Increase TubeBuddy SEO Score

Step #3: Enter The Target Keyword

In the SEO Studio, the very first step is to enter a target keyword and click on Start.


Note: You can use the TubeBuddy Keyword search explorer to find the target keyword based on your channel past performance and other metrics.


For instance, I’m entering the keyword “TubeBuddy SEO score” and clicking the “Start” button.

Step #4: Enter Title & Description

In this step, you need to enter the title and description with the focus keyword. 


Here are the 6 TubeBuddy tips for optimizing video title and description

👉 Include your focus keyword in the title

👉 Include 80% of a target keyword in the video title(but I recommend 100%)

👉 Include your focus keyword in the first 60 characters of the video title

👉 Include your focus keyword naturally in the title(Never attempt keyword stuffing)

👉 Include your target keyword in the first 200 characters of the video description.

👉 Include partial matches or related keywords in the video description.

For the YouTube video title, I prefer SEMRush title generator that suggest different title that looks catch and proven.


Also, do check out my blog post: 17 Tips on how to write compelling YouTube video title


For the YouTube video description, I already wrote a detailed blog post: 19 Proven tips to write the best YouTube description.


Ensure that your TubeBuddy SEO Score is greater than 90 as shown below


Now click on the Next button

Step #5: Enter Tags

Tags still play a major role in video optimization. In this step, you need to enter the tags related to the focus keyword.


You can use the suggested tags below to pick the relevant tags. Make sure that you have picked all the related tags.


Finally, click on the Next.

tubebuddy video optimization tool

Step #6: Upload Thumbnail

In this step, you need to upload the thumbnail. You can use the Snappa or TubeBuddy thumbnail generator to create a thumbnail.


Check out the 12 best practices for creating YouTube thumbnail.

After you upload your thumbnail, the same image will be shown in the preview.


Click on the Next button.

Step #7: Save The Template

That’s it! You are done! Now, you can save the optimized metadata information to TubeBuddy and apply it to the existing videos or newly uploaded videos.

Here’s how it is saved in the TubeBuddy SEO Studio. If you click the “Tubebuddy SEO score” it’ll open the saved template.

SEO Studio Beta

You have the optimized template ready!

How To Apply Optimized TubeBuddy SEO Metadata To Video?

Let’s see how to apply this optimized TubeBuddy SEO data to a published video. You can follow the same step to apply this to a new video.

Step #1: Open Video Detail page

Go to the YouTube studio > Click on the “Content” > Click on the video where you want to apply the TubeBuddy SEO score.

Step #2: Go To TubeBuddy SEO Studio

On the video details page, click on the TubeBuddy icon below the video thumbnail.

Click on the “SEO Studio” under the Video SEO as shown below

Step #3: Select From Saved Draft

After the TubeBuddy SEO studio is launched, you have an option to load the saved draft. Click on the “Load from Saved draft”.

Step #4: Apply To The Video

After you open the TubeBuddy SEO Studio, click on next and go to the very last step. In Step #4, you’ll find a button “Apply to video”. Click on that to apply the metadata to the current page

That’s it! All your optimized title, description, thumbnail, and tags are applied to the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a higher TubeBuddy SEO score lead to more views?

Yes! Higher the TubeBuddy SEO score better the video optimization which in turn increases your rankings on the search results. It leads to more organic views.

How to increase TubeBuddy SEO Score?

Follow all the tips given by TubeBuddy in each step which automatically increases TubeBuddy SEO Score.

Can I find the TubeBuddy SEO score for any video on YouTube?

Yes. Install TubeBuddy on your favorite browser and go to the YouTube video page. You can find the score on the right sidebar as shown belowvideo analytics SEO

I hope now you learned how to optimize videos with TubeBuddy SEO studio and get a higher TubeBuddy SEO score.

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