How To Use TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer [Hack 2X Views]

tubebuddy keyword explorer feature

Wanna know how to use TubeBuddy keyword explorer for your next video?


Let’s see in detail how to use TubeBuddy keyword explorer and how to increase video traffic with it.

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Why You Should Do YouTube Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the very first step that you should do before making video content. When you don’t do proper keyword research then I would say you’re attempting a blind guess about your video traffic.


YouTube keyword research is the step by step process that helps you to finalize the focus keyword for your video based on the number of people searching for the keyword(search volume) and how easy it is to rank your video for that keyword(competition).


When you find the right focus keyword, you can easily tap more organic views and gain traffic from the video.


Let’s say you’re targeting the keyword “weight loss”. Do you think you can rank your video for such a highly competitive keyword? Highly impossible right?


So you need to be more specific with the keyword that you’re targeting and it can be done only through the keyword research process.


Let’s see how to get the golden nugget keyword for your next video on the weight loss with TubeBuddy keyword explorer and improve organic traffic of your channel.


Before moving further, you must have the TubeBuddy installed on your chrome browser.


Tip: How to install TubeBuddy on Chrome

What is TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer?

TubeBuddy keyword explorer is a feature available in the plugin that helps to identify the focus keyword (with good search volume and low competition) for the video based on the YouTube channel niche so that you can easily rank video on YouTube search results.

How To Use TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer To Find Focus Keyword?

Step #1: Go To YouTube Dashboard

Go to YouTube studio and click on the TubeBuddy icon at the top right corner. You can see the below options.

tubebuddy keyword explorer-min

Step #2: Select TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer

Under the “Extension Tools” section, you can find the “Keyword Explorer”. Click on it to launch the TubeBuddy keyword explorer window as shown below

tubebuddy keyword explorer tab

Step #3: Time To Explore Keyword Suggestion

Enter your seed keyword on the Keyword explorer text box and don’t hit enter right away. Wait for the auto-suggestion from the search box.


These are the keywords that are actually searched by real users on YouTube. So, pay close attention to it and pick the one which matches closely to your video content.


Let’s assume that our seed keyword is “weight loss” and you already know that it’s a super competitive keyword. 


So let’s do a top-level filter from the keyword auto-suggestion.


As soon as I enter the seed keyword “weight loss”, you can see the complete list of auto-suggestions keywords as shown below

youtube auto suggestion keywords

Let’s assume that your video content is related to workout. Let me pick the keyword “weight loss workout” from the suggestion. By doing this, we slightly reduce the competition and make it more targeted.


So now our targeted viewers are those who plan to lose their weight by doing the workout.


Select the keyword from the suggestion and click on the “Explore” button.

tubebuddy keyword explorer score-min

You’re getting a bunch of details. Let’s go over one by one and discuss all the analytics features in detail.

 Firstly, the overall score for the keyword is “Poor”. So, we need to drill down further.


If you look at the above image, you can see two tabs next to the “overall score”. They are

  1. Weighted
  2. Unweighted
unweighted keyword score-min

Weighted” score represents the score specific to your channel. TubeBuddy brilliantly identifies your channel niche from previously published videos and tells how easy is the keyword to rank on YouTube search results if you target it.


If you look at the below image, the weighted score for the keyword “weight loss workout” is 10. It’s much lesser than the Unweighted score of 20.


It is because my channel is nowhere related to the health and fitness niche. So, it’s highly difficult for me to rank my video for that keyword.

youtube keyword score

The “Unweighted” score represents the keyword score in general. It’s mostly suitable for those who plan to start their channel on the keyword related niche. 

Step #4: Score Analysis

Below the overall score tab, you can see the score analysis section.

youtube keyword score analysis-min

It tells you the search volume, competition, optimization strength(how well the existing videos on the YouTube search results are optimized for that keyword), number of videos in the search result, and the number of monthly searches performed by viewers.


From the above TubeBuddy keyword explorer statistics, we can clearly say that we should not go with the keyword “weight loss workout”.


So, what should we pick?

Step #5: Leverage the Related Searches Keyword

On the right side, you can see the “Related” tab section. Under the “video searches” tab, you can see the list of keywords related to the focus keyword.

Scroll down the list and pick a keyword which is more targeted to your content.


So far “Weight loss workout” tells viewers that they’re going to lose the weight by doing workouts. That’s great but do we specify whom we are targeting? Is it for men or women or beginners? If you know the target audience add it to the keyword. Let’s assume we are targeting beginners.


From the related video searches, I can pick the keyword “weight loss workout for beginner

Step #6: Go Further With TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer

Now let’s put that keyword on the TubeBuddy keyword explorer and hit the explore button to find the keyword score.

Now the overall score is 59. Compared to 20 it’s much better but still, there is room for betterment.


Just rinse and repeat the process once again. We know that our target audience is beginners but do we finalize where they can do the workout?


Is it at the gym or at home? Let assume that our video teaches workouts that can be done at the gym.

Step #7: Rinse and Repeat the Keyword Research Once Again

From the related searches, I could see the keyword “weight loss workout for beginners at gym” used by audiences. So, I’ll put that in the TubeBuddy keyword explorer box and hit the Explore button once again.


Let’s see the keyword score!


Wow! The keyword score is 100. This is the golden keyword that we are looking for!

long tail youtube keyword-min

P:S All you need to do is just rinse and repeat the process until you tap the perfect keyword with a good score.

Step #8: Navigate To Results Tab

Navigate to the “Results” tab on the TubeBuddy keyword explorer and see whether you’re already ranking for the keyword. 


You can see the top-ranking channel vs your channel on this tab along with that you can also see top 50 YouTube search results for the keyword.

youtube keyword results

Note: If your channel already ranking for the keyword check the video rank. If it’s on the top 10 then I would suggest optimizing the existing video to rank higher rather than creating a new video.Otherwise, go for new video content.

Step #9: Grab Video Tags

On the right bottom of TubeBuddy keyword explorer, you can find the list of tags that are already used by the SERP(Search Engine Results Page) videos ranking for that keyword.


Click on the select All and click on the “Action” button at the bottom right corner and copy the tags to the clipboard.


Now you have the tags ready for the video!

Step #10: Can This Keyword Rank On Google?

Are you targeting to rank the video on the Google search results? Want to check whether it’s possible to rank on Google?


On the “Related” pane, navigate to the “web searches” tab and see the keyword is listed. 


If the same keyword is listed on the “web searches” then you can easily rank your videos on Google and other search engines as well.

youtube web searches keyword

Step #11: Save Keyword To Video Topic Planner

Are you just doing keyword research and planning to make a video later? If you don’t save this golden keyword then definitely you’ll miss the potential traffic and the valuable time you spent on the keyword research.


You can save the keyword right away to the video topic planner list from the TubeBuddy keyword explorer tab.


Just click on the “Action” button at the bottom and select the option “Add to topic planner”. It’ll add your golden keyword to the video topic planner list.

To retrieve the keyword later, click on the TubeBuddy icon on the YouTube dashboard and select the option “video topic planner” from the drop-down.


You can see the saved keywords at any time later as shown below

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use the Tubebuddy keyword explorer to make a title?

If your final long-tail keyword that looks like a valid title then you can use it as a YouTube video title or you can add an extra keywords to make it as a valid title.

How long does this process take to rank my videos?

Optimization takes time. There is no predefined timeline for ranking and it depends on various factors such as audience-retention, engagement rate, subscribers count, quality of video content etc., But you can see noticeable improvements within a month on analytics.

That’s it! You learned how to do YouTube keyword research from TubeBuddy keyword explorer tool.


Other than TubeBuddy keyword explorer, it has other 67+ amazing features for the growth of your YouTube channel.

Please do let me know if you have any questions!

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