Awesome Way To Track YouTube Video Rank With TubeBuddy

How To Track YouTube Video Rankings on YouTUbe & Google

In this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to track YouTube video rank with TubeBuddy for the golden keyword that bring consistent traffic to your YouTube channel.

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Why You Should Track YouTube Video Rankings?

You might be wondering how you can track your progress on Google or YouTube search, well, that’s why I’m here to introduce you to amazing YouTube video rank tracking feature in TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a YouTuber best friend when comes to SEO, traffic, views and improve productivity.

As a YouTuber, you will need to track how your videos are doing on YouTube search as this is a very important criterion for your channel’s success. 

Especially, you’re making money on YouTube or rely on YouTube for making money.

YouTube and Google search result video tracking is crucial to make sure that your channel is staying on track and is giving continuous traffic to you.

According to Backlinko, if your video rank #1 for a keyword you likely to get ~85% of traffic from the keyword. If your video drop to rank #2, you likely to get ~35% of traffic for the keyword.

I hope now you understood the importance of tracking keyword rankings.

Your ranking displays how recognized you’ll be when somebody uses one of your keywords for a search and believe me when I tell you that you will want to increase that ranking.

It is important to see how your videos are ranking on YouTube and Google search Knowing how far you’ve gotten and how noticeable your content is, helps you plan and improve yourself.

Here is another feature of TubeBuddy to check the rankings of YouTube video tags.

Here, I’m going to show you why it is important for you to see how your videos are performing on YouTube and Google.


  • TubeBuddy – YouTube video rank tracking allows you to easily monitor your progress on the YouTube SERP, it shows you how changes occur on the rankings of your channel and how you can proffer a more suitable strategy to increase your ranking.
  • It makes your SEO measured effectively on both YouTube and Google search.
  • It shows where does your video rank when compared to your competitors.

How To Find Keywords To Track Video Rankings?

Not knowing how to find keywords to track can bring a downfall to your channel, well, not to worry cause I’m going to show you how you can find crucial keywords to track right from your YouTube dashboard in a very simple and easy to follow steps

Here are steps to find keywords for YouTube video rank tracking

Step #1

Go to the YouTube dashboard and click on the analytics.

youtube dashboard analytics

Step #2

On the analytics, click on the Reach tab at the top next to the overview tab

Step #3

 On the Reach tab, scroll down to find “Traffic source: YouTube search”. You can click on “See More” to see a complete list of keywords that brings traffic to your channel.

How To Track YouTube Video Keyword Ranks?

When it comes to YouTube video rank tracking I recommend that you keep it specific to things to want to rank for or things you’re already ranking for. 

Note down the set of keywords that bring more views/revenue for your channel.

The keywords you track should be the main videos that your channel is about. 

For instance, if you’re a gaming channel, the main thing you should track is how your videos are doing around that game and if you’re a beauty channel the main thing you should track is how your videos are doing for a particular beauty brand. 

Now that you’ve found your keywords, I’m going to show you how u can add keywords to track with these easy to follow steps:

Step #1

Install TubeBuddy on your favourite browser, if you haven’t installed it yet. Go to the TubeBuddy Account page.

Checkout – How to install TubeBuddy on Chrome/FireFox?

Click on the YouTube channel(if you associate multiple channels on TubeBuddy)

Step #2

On the left side menu, you can find “Search rank tracking”. Click on the “Keywords to track” under the menu as shown below.

YouTube search rank tracking

Step #3

If you have never added a keyword before, you’ll see a green “Add keywords” button, click on it.

Step #4

Go ahead and type in the keyword you want to add and this will help you track YouTube videos on Google search. Use commas to separate keywords.

Finally, click Save.

How To Check YouTube Video Rankings On YouTube & Google?

Now that you’re done adding your keywords, I’m going to show you how to view your ranking reports so you can see how your videos are performing in YouTube & Google search. 

When you add your keywords to TubeBuddy, you can see what they look like on the keyword page and you can search for the keyword by clicking on the pop-out icon or you can stop tracking the keyword by clicking the X icon next to it.

check YouTube rankings on Google

So once you start selecting the keywords, TubeBuddy will start generating reports and you can view the reports by selecting ranking reports on the left side of that page. 

You can also click on ranking reports at the bottom of the page. If you’ve never run a ranking report before, the page will display “looks like you need to re-generate a ranking report”. 

You’ll need to click on the “re-generate ranking report” to get your first report to show and it takes a few minutes to load depending on the number of keywords.

youtube ranking reports

Once it shows, click on “view report” to generate the report and at the top, you’ll see when the data was collected and at what time. 

It also provides you with the option to download the report to help you track how your videos are ranking for Google search.

How To Add Competitors & Monitor Their Rankings On YouTube & Google?

As I mentioned earlier, tracking YouTube videos on Google search helps you know your competition, well now I’m going to show you how to add competitors and monitor their video ranking on YouTube and Google. 

You can keep an eye on your competitors without them knowing. With our competitors’ alert tool, you can monitor your competition. It alerts you whenever your competition has uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel. 

Here I’ll show you steps on how you can add competitors and they are as follows:

Step #1

Go to YouTube Studio, click on the TubeBuddy icon at the top right, and select competitors (each competitor you’ve added will give you an upload alert section which gives you the choice of how you would like to receive notifications)

youtube competitor rankings

Step #2

Select how you would like to receive notifications, either by email, TB notification, or text message and then save your selection. Your competitors’ rankings are shown in the reports automatically when you add a competitor.

From this point forward you will receive a notification that includes a link to the video and a breakdown of the video’s metadata within minutes of the competitor uploading a new video. 


These alerts will help you keep up with the competition so you can stay ahead of the game and make sure you’re aware of their current content strategy.

How To Schedule YouTube Ranking Reports?

Lucky you, not only do I help provide you with reports but TubeBuddy also sends them to you automatically so you can track how you’re doing for keywords in search results.

 To get started with this great offer just click on the schedule on the left-hand side of TubeBuddy Account then you can choose how often you want a ranking report to automatically run.

You can set this up weekly or monthly and you can even choose the date you’ll like it to start.   

So if you were looking for the perfect tool to track your YouTube rankings, TubeBuddy is right in your hands, make use of it and watch how successful your channel would be within a short period.

Please do let me know if you have any questions about YouTube video rank tracking.

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