YouTube Tags Rank Checker: Why They Matter For Video SEO

Learn How To Check YouTube Tags Rank

In this post, we are going to discuss YouTube tags rank checker to tweak your YouTube videos for more views and traffic.

👉 Want to check your video tag ranking?

👉 Want to know your competitor tag ranking?

👉 Do you want the keyword optimized tags?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then you’re landed on the right post.

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What Are YouTube Tags?

YouTube tags are a group of keywords related to the video content. Each tag is 2-4 words long and it’s most likely user search terms. It helps viewers find video content easily on YouTube.

Why YouTube Tags Are Important?

According to YouTube, tags play a vital role in video discovery. It increases your video impressions so you get more clicks and more views.


It’s an important SEO factor that comes next to the YouTube video title and video thumbnail.


How YouTube tags increase your video impression:


Let’s say you’re focusing on the keyword “Weight loss” and you super optimized your video title, description for this keyword. 


What would you do if people search “how to lose weight” on YouTube? 


Do you think your video is shown for this keyword? 


More likely no!


This is where YouTube tags help viewers to find your video for the LSI keywords(Latent semantic indexing) or related keywords.


You need to continuously monitor the rank of YouTube tags to understand how your videos are performing for those keywords.


If any tag doesn’t rank in the top 50 you are not gonna get views for that YouTube tag. 


So, it’s a good idea to replace it with another tag.


But how do you check the YouTube tags rank? Let’s see:

TubeBuddy - YouTube Tags Rank Checker

TubeBuddy is a one-stop plugin for YouTubers that helps to find the right keywords, tags, rank tracking, A/B testing, and much more.


It also has YouTube tags rank checker feature that gives you the rank of each tag in your video.


💡Bonus Tip: It also reveals your competitor videos tag ranking as well.


Just install TubeBuddy on your chrome/Mozilla to tap the YouTube tags rank checker feature.

How To Check Video Tags Rank?

If you want to check your video tag rankings, you can do it right from the YouTube studio.

Go to YouTube studio > My Videos.

Click on the video that you want to check the YouTube tag rank.

You’ll see the info and settings page of the video.

Scroll down to the tags section below the thumbnail.

Here you can see the YouTube tags rank with the TubeBuddy YouTube tags rank checker feature as shown below

youtube tags rank checker

Can you see the green number next to the tags?  It indicates the video rank in the search results for that tag:


In other words, if you search on YouTube for that tag(or keyword), you can see your videos ranked X in the SERP as indicated.


It tells you how well your videos are performing for the video tags.


Here is a complete list of 19+ TubeBuddy FREE Features.

Find Worst Tags & Replace It With Best Tags

Most of the tags do not contain numbers in the above section which means the video is not ranked for that tag. 


In other words, your video is not listed in the first 100 videos in the search results for that tag or keyword:


Go ahead and replace the non-performing tags with related new tags to optimize your videos for more views.


Wondering how to find the related tags for that video?


Just scroll down on the video info and settings page, you can see the 100+ recommended tags.


Also, it reveals the relevant tags with the tag score ranging from 1- 100. Higher the score better the search volume.

check youtube tags rank

These recommended tags are the most commonly used search queries by the viewers.


So, now you explored the list of new tags closely related to your video.


You are not done yet!


Select the sort by search traffic radio button on the recommended tag section to see the tags(aka keywords) which already brought traffic to your video.

relevant tags for ranking

The number next to the eye icon indicates how many views you got so far from that tag. 


Those are the best performing tags according to the YouTube tags rank checker feature.


Remove the non-performing tags and replace them with the best performing YouTube tags from the recommended tags section.


By doing this, you’re optimizing your video further for that tag. Also, you’re increasing the chance of ranking your videos.


💡Bonus Tip: Bring the best performing tags to the front to tap more traffic. Under the Tag Tools, click the SORT option.

You’ll get a pop-up as shown below. Select “Auto-Sort By Rank”. Click “Apply & Close”.

check youtube tags sort by rank

Find Competitor Tags With YouTube Tags Rank Checker

The second best way to get traffic tags for your video is by looking at the competitor tags for your focus keyword.


By doing this, you save time on finding the related keywords for the video focus keyword.


Finding competitor tags is so easy with TubeBuddy YouTube tags rank checker and tag tools features.


Enter your focus keyword on the YouTube search box.

Open at least the first 3 videos in the search results on new tabs.


Here’s is one of the videos where you can see the competitor tags only if you installed TubeBuddy on your browser.

youtube tag search ranking

You can copy all or some of the tags for your video by clicking the “Copy To” button.


Rinse and repeat the same for other videos on the YouTube search results to come up with the list of powerful tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does YouTube take to rank videos on search results?

Normally YouTube starts indexing your video as soon as you publish it. But depending upon other signals like likes count, audience-retention, watch time, it re-rank your videos after 2-5 days.

What is the best time to check tag ranks?

The best time to check the YouTube tag rank is after 10 days. During the first 3-4 days, your video traffic will originate from your subscribers. YouTube takes a few more days to re-rank your videos on the SERP for the general audience. So, check the tag rank with YouTube tags Rank checker and apply the above strategy only after 10 days.

How long does it take to optimize my video for newly added tags?

After you changed the tags with TubeBuddy YouTube tags rank checker, please allow up to 15 days to notice a change in video traffic.

That’s all for this post. I hope now you learned the importance of YouTube video tags and checking the tags rank periodically. 


If you haven’t installed TubeBuddy yet, just go ahead and install this free tool now and increase your video traffic and grow your channel faster.

Please do let me know if you have any questions.

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