How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button In Videos [2021]


In this blog post, we’ll see in detail how to add YouTube subscribe button on your channel.

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. and 80% of views are from mobile.

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No matter if you’re a small business owner, musician, chef, artist, creative writer, painter, or even a stuntman, YouTube has provided anyone with a chance to earn through their profession or talent. 

If you’re new to this platform you may find it hard to get familiar with YouTuber dashboard and how to get most out of it.

 In 2020, YouTube launched a new dashboard called YouTube studio which completely looks different from the old dashboard. So even experienced YouTubers are struggling to find the features and settings they need. 

A few days back, a brand new YouTuber contacted me through email and asked me to review his YouTube channel videos. Also, he complained that he’s not getting enough subscribers but he is constantly getting views.

When I have look at his YouTube channel, I found a major flaw in each and every video. 

Yes, he didn’t add YouTube subscribe button in the videos. Instead, he put a link in the YouTube description and asking viewers to subscribe through the link. 

Do you think this approach earns subscribers to him? A Big No!

You must have a YouTube subscribe button in every single video on your YouTube channel.

I asked him to add YouTube subscribe button but here is the reply I got “how do I add a subscribe button to my youtube video”

So I’m dedicating this blog post to that guy and other budding YouTubers.

What is YouTube Subscribe Button

YouTube subscribe button is a small image act like a button that appears at the bottom right corner of YouTube videos. When viewers click on it, it prompts and upcon confirmation enrolls them as a subscriber. It is also called as branding watermark or custom subscribe button.


Wanna Get More Traffic, More Views and More Subscribers?

Let's design YouTube Subscribe Button First

YouTube subscribe button also called as branding watermark or custom subscribe button.YouTube has given guidelines for creating a YouTube subscribe button.

  • The button should be in PNG or GIF format

  •  It must be less than 1 MB

  • The resolution must be 150px x 150px

  • Image background should be preferably white

  • You can use two colors ( For e.g red and white)

I personally use Snappa for creating all my YouTube stuff 

(YouTube subscribe button, YouTube channel art, YouTube      

thumbnail design). You can access the designed images from anywhere at any time as it hosted on the cloud.

Go to Snappa design page and set the width and height as 150px and click on create.


On the design page, select background and navigate to the upload section.


You can upload your brand image/logo or ordinary subscribe button png image as shown below

Once you uploaded tap on the image so that it’ll be added to your design section. If you want additional effects you can do so.


When you are done with the design, on the top right you can see the download button. Just click on it and download YouTube subscribe button png image.

download youtube subscribe button

Step 1 : Launch YouTube Studio

Step 1: Launch YouTube Studio

Login to your channel. Go to YouTube Studio

 YouTube studio is the control panel of your YouTube channel.

Step 2 : Open Settings

Under YouTube Studios, you can find the Settings tab on the bottom left sidebar with a gear icon. 

Click on the Settings tab and select Channel settings.

YouTube settings panel has four options

1.   Basic Information

2.   Advanced Settings

3.   Branding

4.   Feature Eligibility

Step 3 : Go To Branding Option

In the settings panel, choose the Branding Option. It has all the information you need to add a subscription button to your videos.

Make sure that you follow YouTube terms and conditions for adding watermark branding.

upload youtube branding watermark png


Click on the choose image button and YouTube will ask you to choose a suitable image. Select the image and hit the open button to add the image.

Step 4 : Choose Appearance Time

After you go through each of the above-mentioned steps your YouTube subscribe button is ready to be added in all your videos. 

Now you should select the Display time. Display time ask us how long you want to show the YouTube subscribe button on the videos. 

YouTube gives three options for the appearance of Youtube subscribe Button.

1.   End of the video

2.   Custom start time

3.  During the entire video

Select the “Enter video” and click on Save if you want to show the

subscribe button throughout the video.

End of video – Subscribe button will be shown on last 15


Custom start time – It displays between the given start and end  time.

youtube branding entire video

Wanna Check Your Brand New YouTube Subscribe Button?

Just go to your dashboard and open one of your video.

If you follow all the above steps, then YouTube subscribe button will show at the bottom right corner of your video.

confirm youtube subscribe button on video

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my YouTube watermark or subscribe button not showing up?

If your video is made of kids, you won’t see YouTube subscribe button on those videos as per the latest update.

Does it add a subscribe button to previously uploaded videos?

Yes. It automatically adds branding watermark to all previous videos and future videos.

What happens when viewers hit the subscribe button?

It asks for confirmation pop up. If they agree it convert your viewers into subscribers.

How can I design my own Subscribe button?

You can use snappa image editor to design your own subscribe button.

How long does it take to show the YouTube subscribe button?

It should display immediately. In the worst case, it takes a day. Please be noted that the subscribe button won’t show for videos made for kids.

Does YouTube subscribe button support animation?

No. It won’t support animation but you can upload gif file.

That’s it. You learned how to add subscribe button to YouTube videos.

Let me know which one you prefer, the normal YouTube subscribe button, or your brand name? 

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