How To Upgrade Tubebuddy For FREE & Cheap [2021]

how to Upgrade tubebuddy for free

Wanna know how to upgrade TubeBuddy for Free & Cheap Price? 


I’ll walk you through step by step on how to get an upgraded TubeBuddy license from free version to PRO/STAR/Legend version at a discounted price and also how to upgrade TubeBuddy for Free*.


This post will definitely help you to save your valuable pennies when you upgrade and suggest the right license for you.


Since you are reading this post, I’m sure that you are already aware of TubeBuddy and its features. So, I’m not going to discuss much about its features in this post but you can check out its 67+ features here.


Pre-requisite: Before proceeding into this post, you must have TubeBuddy installed on your Chrome.



🚀How to install TubeBuddy on Chrome

Table of Contents

How To Upgrade TubeBuddy?

Step 1: Go To TubeBuddy

Go to the TubeBuddy account page where you’ll find your YouTube channel listed. 

If you are having multiple channels and had installed TubeBuddy on those channels, you’ll see all the channels listed.

tubebuddy channel account page

Step 2: Click the Upgrade Now

Next to the channel name, you’ll find an option called “Upgrade Now”. Just click on the button to start upgrading TubeBuddy from the free version.

Step 3: Upgrade TubeBuddy License

 You’ll be taken to the TubeBuddy license page where you can see the different license levels. TubeBuddy offers 4 types of licenses.

They are

  1. Free
  2. Pro
  3. Star
  4. Legend
tubebuddy license level

Before proceeding further, check out the features that you’ll get for all license levels and decide the license level that you want to purchase.


I highly recommend STAR license so that you’ll get video optimization + productivity features.

Step 4: Complete The Order

After you decide the TubeBuddy license level, click on the select at the bottom to complete the order. You just need to fill the credit card details and finally click on “Submit” to upgrade TubeBuddy.


You can purchase the TubeBuddy license only through Paypal/Credit Cards.

Step 5: Purchase completion

After you are done with the payment successfully, you’ll be taken to the order completion page as shown below

upgrade tubebuddy order

Step 5: Verify the TubeBuddy Upgrade

As soon as you complete the order, your TubeBuddy license level will be upgraded to PRO/STAR/LEGEND depending on the license you purchased.


To confirm the same go to the TubeBuddy account page and verify the license level below the channel name.

verify upgrade channel-min


That’s it! You learned how to upgrade TubeBuddy!

How To Upgrade TubeBuddy PRO for just $4.5/month?

 As a budding YouTuber, I know you hesitate to invest more on your YouTube channel because you really don’t know the outcome of your channel. 


For those new YouTubers, TubeBuddy is helping them out by giving a 50% discount on a monthly subscription for PRO license those who are having less than 1000 subscribers. 


Normal price of the PRO license is $9/month but for budding YouTubers, it’s just $4.5/month.


All YouTubers who are having less than 1000 subscribers are eligible for this offer irrespective of which year they started the channel.


Let’s see how to avail this 50% TubeBuddy discount instantly?


Just go to the license page now.


Select the checkbox “I have less than 1000 subscribers” and instantly you’ll get a 50% discount. Complete the order and upgrade TubeBuddy to PRO.


 Now you just need to pay $4.5/month by whooping 50% savings.

How To Upgrade TubeBuddy PRO With 70% Discount(just $3.6/month)?

Are you looking for some crazy 70% discount on PRO license as a newbie? 

Are you willing to commit yourself for a year?


If you say YES to the above 2 questions, you can get an additional 20% off so totally you’ll get a 70% discount on TubeBuddy PRO version. You just need to pay $3.6/month!

Let me show you how!

Moreover, even if you surpass 1000 subscribers in a year you no need to pay any additional fee. So, you’ll get double benefit if you lock yourself for a year.


So, how to upgrade TubeBuddy pro for $3.6/month or $43/year.


All you need to do is select both checkboxes “I have less than 1000 subscribers” and “I will pay yearly” on the Order page

That’s it. You’ll get a 70% flat discount instantly!

How To Upgrade TubeBuddy To STAR or LEGEND with 45% LifeTime OFF?

 There is no doubt that the PRO license is terrific for beginners. But once you become an intermediate or expert YouTuber then you need a STAR or LEGEND license to leverage the advanced features such as A/B testing, bulk thumbnail watermark, bulk update End screen & cards, track keyword ranking, export comments, etc. for the betterment of your channel.


Let’s see how to upgrade TubeBuddy STAR and LEGEND with a 45% Lifetime discount.


All you need to do is to commit yourself for a year.

Let’s assume that you’re going to upgrade to Legend license.


To avail this offer, just go directly to this page.


Select the checkbox “I’ll pay yearly”. Normal price of a LEGEND license is $49/month but after you select the checkbox it’s discounted to $39.20/month(20% discount).

tubebuddy legent upgrade discount-min

But still, you’re not done yet. Click on the select and go to the payment page.


In the coupon box, enter the coupon code 25OFFAMARINDAZ and get an additional 25% off. So finally you got 45% OFF when you upgrade.

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How To Upgrade TubeBuddy For Free [30 Days]?

You can upgrade TubeBuddy for free(30 days) only if your channel is eligible for the free Upgrade. Wondering how to check if my channel is eligible for a Free Upgrade?


Go to the TubeBuddy channel section page.


At the bottom of the channel icon, you can see the message “Good News! This Channel qualifies for FREE TubeBuddy sponsored upgrade”.


Click on the “Click here” to proceed with the free 30 days upgrade.

Don’t you see the sponsored upgrade message on your dashboard? No worries! 


You can use my special link by clicking below button to qualify for a free upgrade.

After navigating by clicking on the above button, you can see a message “Get your free trial here” as shown below. Click on the link and make your channel eligible for FREE upgrade.

When you click on the link, it’ll take you to the TubeBuddy free upgrade page.

On the right side top, you’ll see an option “Trial with Credit Card”. Select the license level that you want to take a trial for 30 Days(for free) and proceed further.

They won’t charge your credit card for 30 days and you can explore all the premium options for free!

tubebuddy free trial

If you don’t want to trial with a Credit card, you can also select the other 6 options such as “Create a video and get 2 months legend license”, “completing the survey” etc.,. 


Check out the other TubeBuddy free upgrade options

Is there a way to get TubeBuddy upgrade license for lifetime?

Yes, TubeBuddy frequently runs promotions on the festival days such as Black Friday, Christmas. During the campaign, they sent out an email to users about the free Upgrade and other perks. 


Normally they don’t run those promotions for more than 2 days so you should grab the free offer before it expires. 


Also, you’ll get such emails only if you are an active TubeBuddy free user.


So never miss such a great deal. Install it now and upgrade later.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most recommended TubeBuddy license?

I would suggest to TubeBuddy STAR license for pro YouTubers

Can I downgrade the TubeBuddy license later?

Yes. You can downgrade or upgrade the TubeBuddy license whenever you want. Just contact TubeBuddy Support and tell them that you want to downgrade.

Can I cancel my free upgrade after 30 days?

If you don’t want TubeBuddy to charge your credit card or you’re not planning to upgrade then you can cancel your license by contacting TubeBuddy support.

What is the validity of the TubeBuddy coupon code?

 If you use coupon code 25OFFAMARINDAZ then it’s valid for lifetime.

If you found this post useful, please share it with your friends. Please do let me know if you have any questions!

Upgrade TubeBuddy Now & Get 25% Lifetime Off

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