How To Get TubeBuddy Milestones Certificate For Free [2021]

Generate tubebuddy milestone certificate

In this detailed blog post, we are going to see how to get a TubeBuddy Milestones certificate.

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What Is TubeBuddy Milestones Certificate?

TubeBuddy Milestones certificates are the certificate auto-generated for TubeBuddy users upon achieving certain milestones on the YouTube channel.


It is also called as YouTube milestone certificate for YouTubers.


 For e.g. Some of the achievements are 25 Subscribers, 5000 views, 100 Uploads

Why TubeBuddy Milestones Certificates?

TubeBuddy achievements certificates are a great way to motivate YouTubers to hit the next milestone in their YouTube journey and help them to celebrate their success with their viewers, subscribers, and friends after the milestones are accomplished


Just think about the beginner who just started their brand new YouTube channel and posted a very first video. When he published his very first video on YouTube, he may get very few views, either no or a couple of comments, and countable subscribers. This trend continues until his channel starts attracting viewers. It may take a few days or weeks or even a year to achieve substantial viewership and subscriber base.


During this developing phase, if he gonna get disappointed with his channel statistics, he’s not going to put an effort. He just quit his YouTube journey and will return to his usual stuff.


To avoid this, he needs motivation and acknowledgment for his very small achievements at least during the development phase which pushes him further to achieve more. He could have achieved 10 uploads, 100 views, or 50 subscribers and nobody gonna appreciate these small achievements.


Because of the lack of motivation and appreciation, most of the YouTubers quit their YouTube dream before even getting 1000 subscribers.


But this TubeBuddy achievements certificate will be generated even for very small achievements to appreciate and motivate them to move further towards the road of success.


Moreover, young YouTubers are really thrilled with this certificates and which help them to go further in their YouTube journey.


There is a dedicated subreddit called GetMoreViewsYT having around 55k members. All members are brand new YouTuber and they are allowed to celebrate their small achievements in the form of Reddit post among the group.

Here’s one such achievement Reddit post.

tubebuddy milestones certifcate

I hope now you understand the importance of TubeBuddy YouTube milestone certificates.

How To Get TubeBuddy Milestones Certificate?

Let’s see step by step on how to get TubeBuddy Milestones Certificate.


To get this certificate in auto-pilot mode, you must install TubeBuddy on your chrome browser.

Here’s the detailed post on how to install TubeBuddy on Chrome.

Step 1: Go To YouTube

After you installed the TubeBuddy, go to and click on the TubeBuddy icon at the top right after the YouTube search box.

Step 2: Go To Milestone Tab

As soon as you click on the TubeBuddy icon, navigate to the Milestone tab where you can see your achievements and upcoming milestone details.

tubebuddy milestones achievements

Step 3: Select TubeBuddy Milestones Certificate

When you accomplished the YouTube milestones, your milestones certificate will be ready for download. All you need to do is to just click on the achievements link as shown below

Step 4: Download TubeBuddy Milestones Certificate

It’ll take you to the TubeBuddy Milestones page to download the certificate. If you have the Pro version, you can download the certificates in other styles or you can download only the default style.


Click on the “Download certificate” button and your channel achievements will be downloaded in PNG format.

download tubebuddy certificate

Step 5: Share it With Viewers

You can put your achievements as a YouTube story, share it on your Facebook wall, write a tweet, set it as Whatsapp status, and make it as Reddit post. Let the world know about your achievement, it’s a time for celebration!


Here’s a one such Reddit post by a young YouTuber.

tubebuddy subscriber milestones-min

Here are the positive responses he got from the Reddit members which drive him to achieve more and more!


tubebuddy certificates comments

How To Download TubeBuddy Milestones Certificate For Any YouTube Channel?

Do you want to congratulate your friends for his channel achievements or do you want to greet your channel competitors on their success?


You can download the TubeBuddy Milestones Certificate for their channel and share it with them.


Let me show you how to download TubeBuddy Milestones certificate for your friends and peers.


Just go to the TubeBuddy Milestones page.

celerbrate channel acheivements


Enter your friends/peers channel name and hit enter.


download milestone certificate

TubeBuddy Milestones certificate will be generated for past achievements of the Channel.

Just click on the “Download Certificate” to download and share it with your friends.

TubeBuddy Milestones - Types

TubeBuddy offers achievements certificate to channels in three different category


  1. Number of subscribers
  2. Number of views
  3. Number of video uploads


If you installed TubeBuddy, it retains your previous achievements for 30 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TubeBuddy certificate is same as the YouTube creator awards?

Don’t confuse the TubeBuddy milestones certificate with YouTube creator awards(Play buttons). Certificates are given by TubeBuddy for your small achievements on uploads, views, and subscribers. Creator awards(Play button) are given by YouTube on achieving certain subscribers. Check out the creator awards page for more details.

How to access all milestones on TubeBuddy?

Install the TubeBuddy plugin and go to the YouTube dashboard. Click on the TubeBuddy icon, navigate to the Milestone tab to access the previous 30 days certificates.

Why TubeBuddy subscriber milestone is inaccurate?

If you don’t make the subscriber count visible to the public then you’ll see the inaccurate count in the subscriber certificate.


TubeBuddy is not just a tool to generate Milestones certificate. It’s a full pack SEO tool specially designed for YouTubers.

If you want to take your channel to the next level then you must need the growth hacking tool called TubeBuddy to tap it. If you haven’t installed yet just install and upload your video to explore the full features of it.

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