How To See YouTube Video Tags in 2021 [6 Genius Ways]

How to See YouTube Video Tags in 2020

In this detailed blog post, we are going to learn how to see YouTube video tags [6 Ways] and monitor your competitor video tags.


 ✅ Wanna know what tags your competitors are using?

 ✅ Want to see any YouTube video tags?

 ✅ Want to do a simple copy and paste of YouTube tags?

 ✅ Or looking for ideas around what tags to use for your next video?


If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then you’re landed on the right post.

YouTube tags are still one of the important factors in video ranking. If you target a keyword, you must know what are the related tags your competitors are using to rank the videos. So that you can repurpose those tags and rank better on YouTube search results.


Back on August 17, 2012, YouTube was publicly announced that it stops displaying the video tags to Public since it fails to serve the purpose but still they emphasized the importance of having YouTube video tags on the same post.


Here’s a picture of how YouTube looks a decade back!

youtube a decadeo ago

Even though YouTube tags are not publicly visible now, there are certain ways to see YouTube video tags.

Let’s see one by one.

Table of Contents

TubeBuddy - View, Copy & Add Video Tags

TubeBuddy is my number one choice to see YouTube video tags and to do competitors analytics, keyword research, and AB testing. It’s a complete YouTube channel management plugin and growth hacking tool. To see YouTube video tags, install TubeBuddy on your chrome browser.


🔧 How to install TubeBuddy on Chrome


 Go to the YouTube video watch page in which you want to see YouTube tags or enter a search query on the YouTube search text box and click on the video in which you want to see YouTube tags. 


On the right side, you can see video analytics from TubeBuddy (only if you have the plugin installed). 


Right below the best practices section, you can see the tags used in the video by the channel owner.

You can click on the “Copy To” button at the bottom to either copy the tags to the clipboard or add it to your bucket list and retrieve it later.

Along with that, you can also see how well the tags are optimized on YouTube by clicking the “Show search rankings”. It displays the tags rank for the video. Tags ranks are nothing but keyword ranks of the video.

youtube tags extractor

For e.g., if one of your tags shows rank 4 which means if you put that tag keyword on the YouTube search box then you’ll see your video listed as #4 in the search results.

VidIQ - Spy On Your Competitor Video Tags

 VidIQ is the second most popular chrome plugin for video optimization next to TubeBuddy. To see YouTube video tags, you need to install the plugin on your chrome browser and go to the video page on YouTube. On the right side, you can see the video tags. You can also export the tags to CSV.

vidiq to see youtube video tags

It has also offer other features like track keyword ranking, video analysis, keyword research, etc.,

Hack The Code

 If you don’t want to install any of these plugins to see YouTube video tags then you can do a little hack on YouTube to get the video tags. But it’s quite a hard way to get the video tags.


Just follow the below steps to get YouTube video tags by hacking the source code


  • Step #1 Go to the YouTube video page on the Chrome browser
  • Step #2 Right-click and select “Inspect”. Now you can see the HTML source code
  • Step #3: Ctrl + F and Search for the term “keywords” in the search box. You’ll see a few suggestions for the search.
  • Step #4: Navigate one by one and try to locate a search that contains <meta name=”keywords”
  • Step #5: Inside that HTML tag, you can find the list of YouTube video tags.
youtube video tags on source code

YouTube Tags Generator

YouTube tags generator is an online tool that helps to find any YouTube video tags. Go to the link and enter the YouTube video URL and hit the “Find the tags” button. You can see the list of tags used in that video and you can either copy or download the tags.

RapidTags - YouTube Tags Extractor

 It’s another online tool to see YouTube video tags as well as get some tag suggestions for the entered keyword or video title.

Go to the rapidtags, enter the YouTube video URL, and hit the search button to get YouTube video tags. You can either copy or edit the tags.

Keywords Everywhere

 It’s another beautiful yet straightforward freemium chrome extension to extract YouTube video tags. It works everywhere, that’s why they call it “Keywords Everywhere”. You can get the keywords metrics and search history from Google search results, bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.,


 Just install the plugin and navigate the video to see YoUTube video tags. You can copy or export the tags to CSV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shall I add my channel name as a YouTube video tag?

Yes, you can add one tag as your channel name even many mammoth YouTubers are adding their channel name in the tag for extra optimization.

Shall I copy my competitor YouTube video tags?

 You should not do an exact copy of your competitor tags and it’s against YouTube terms. It’s ok to pick 2-3 tags from competitors and explore other tags with TubeBuddy.

Can I add a highly popular search term as a tag?

You can add a highly popular search term as a video tag as long as the keyword is related to your video content. If you’re attempting to hack the YouTube algorithm by adding influential keywords such as Donald Trump or Ronaldo just for getting views then you may get a strike.

Can I add video tags to my YouTube description?

 No. According to YouTube, adding tags to the YouTube video description is against the YouTube policies on spam.

How many tags can you have in a YouTube video?

 5-8 tags are the recommended number of tags for a YouTube video. Still, YouTube allows you to add tags up to 500 characters.

I hope you learned how to see YouTube video tags for Keyword research and spy your competitors.


Please do let me know if you have any questions.

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