Discover how to Embed YouTube video with Advanced options

embed youtube video with options

In this post, we are going to explore how to embed YouTube video with advanced options. 

Before dive-in on how to embed YouTube video let’s see why you should embed YouTube video on other platforms such as WordPress.

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Why you should embed YouTube video?

There is no doubt that YouTube is the second largest search engine stands next to Google.

 It pumps tons of videos every single hour from all over the world and your videos may get last in that until you establish a decent subscriber base.

There is a good chance that people will watch your videos if you embed YouTube video on your personal blog/website or on social media platforms.

It adds value to your content. If the videos are relevant to the content thus allowing people to stay on your website for a longer time.

If you’re brand new YouTuber or looking for a way to increase video views and subscribers then you should start embedding every single video that you published on your channel.

There are so many Q&A forums where you can embed your video or may be a portion of the video(let me show you how to do that in a while) that answers other people’s questions.

By doing this, will not only increase the audience retention rate but also improve your ranking on the YouTube search.


Layman's way of embedding YouTube video

YouTube has given an option to embed any YouTube video. Let’s see how to do that but also you have easy-peasy option with this plugin.

Open the YouTube video in a new tab that you want to embed.

Click on the share button.

embed youtube video

You’ll see a pop like this.

embedding YouTube video

Click on the Embed button and you’ll see a screen like this contain <iframe> HTML code.


youtube embed screen

It looks something like this:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Click ‘Copy’ on the bottom right and put that on your Worpress or personal website.

Let’s see how to embed YouTube video on WordPress.

Login to WordPress.

Go to the post where you want to embed YouTube videos.

Change the mode from Visual to Text.

Paste the Iframe tag on the location where you want to display your YouTube video.



How to embed YouTube video with Autoplay?

Do you want to autoplay your embedded YouTube video as soon viewers landed on your site?

Let me show you how to autoplay YouTube video on your site.

The normal iframe tag looks like the below one:

<iframe type="text/html" width="560" height="315"

You just need to append ?autoplay=1 at the end of the YouTube video URL like the below one.

<iframe type="text/html" width="560" height="315"
    frameborder="0" allow="autoplay" >

That’s it! If you embed the above code on your website, the video will be played automatically as soon as viewers landed on the post.

How to loop YouTube video on embed?

Do you want to play the same video again and again in the form of loop?

Sometimes we may need to repeat the same video on our WordPress site.

Let me show you how to loop or replay automatically YouTube video.

Just note down the YouTube video ID from the URL.

YouTube video URL looks like 

You can see some alphanumeric text which comes after “v=” and that’s your video ID. Each video on YouTube has uniqueID and it never changes.

So in the above case, the video id is utMUwzPjWz4

To loop your YouTube video you just need to append ?loop=1&playlist=xxxxx at the end of URL in src attribute.

Note: You need to replace the xxxxx with your actual videoID. Not playlist ID.

For example


<iframe type="text/html" 
    width="560" height="315" 

How to disable Full Screen on YouTube embed?

Sometimes we don’t want our viewers to expand the embedded YouTube video in Full Screen mode.

Let’s see how to disable full screen on YouTube embed.

If you don’t want to do with HTML way then you can use TubeBuddy to ease the process.

TubeBuddy is one stop-plugin for all YouTube SEO stuff and improves YouTuber productivity. It 

Note: You can also use the TubeBuddy for the above two cases.

First, install the plugin on your Chrome/Mozilla browser.

Go to your YouTube dashboard -> Videos section.

Move onto the video which you want to embed.

Click on the TubeBuddy dropdown icon.

Select “Advanced Embed” as shown in the below pic.

advanced YouTube embed

When you click on the Advanced Embed, you can see the advanced YouTube embed option in the form of pop-up as shown below.

Just check the “Disable FullScreen

Click on the “Copy” button. That’s it

youtube embed disable full screen

How to embed YouTube video by disabling play button

Do you want to embed YouTube video by disabling/hide the play controls features such as

1) Play button

2) Fast Forward

3) Fast backward.

4) Volume change

5) Video settings

Used literally won’t see any of the below options in the embedded video.


youtube play controlsAll you need to do is to check the “Disable Play Controls” as shown below.

Copy the iframe and use it on your WordPress.


disable Youtube play controls

How to embed YouTube video with specific start and End time

Let’s say you’re embedding your video to answer a question asked in a forum. Your videos may be 2 hours long but the exact answer inside the video is just 2 mins from 5-7 mins in the entire video.

Do you think embedding entire video does the purpose?

No right?

You just need to embed a portion of the video that answers the question.

How do you do that?

You have options in the same plugin. Just convert the start time and end time to seconds.

In our case, we just need to embed video from 5 -7 mins. So, the start time is 300 and end time is 480.

Put that in the text boxes next to “from” and “to” as shown below. 

youtube embed start and end time

That’s it. Click on the copy button to embed your video.

Note: User can see the total watch time but when he clicks on the play button it starts from the start time and stops at the stop time.

How to embed YouTube video with Custom size?

When you embed YouTube video on your blog, you may notice that embedded  YouTube video is too small or too big when compared to your blog post width.

In this case, you need to adjust the width and height of your YouTube video to fit into your blog space screen.

To adjust the size of YouTube video, you should know the blog post width(in px) or you can go by trial and error method.

Select “Custom” from the “Embed video size dropdown”.

Enter your desired width and height.


How to stop showing other channel videos on YouTube embed?

Prior to September 25 2018, YouTube embed code has an option to disable the related videos at the end or when the user pauses the embedded video.

But after the update, they just changed the behavior and stop showing related videos from other channels. But it’ll show related video from your channel and you don’t have control over which videos should be displayed when users pause a video or reach the end of your video.

I highly recommend this option to improve the engagement rate of your YouTube channel.


Let’s see how to stop related videos from other channels. You just need to append ?rel=0 in the src attribute value at the end.


<iframe type="text/html"
    width="560" height="315" 
    src="" frameborder="0">

How to embed YouTube video without YouTube logo?

If you don’t want your viewers to see the YouTube logo in the player control you can check the modest branding option on TubeBuddy and copy the embed code.

hide youtube logo when embed

When modest branding turned off

modest branding turned off

After modest branding turned on

modest branding turned on

But still, user can easily find that’s it an embedded YouTube video by looking at other features.


That’s it for now. Please do let me know if you have any questions.

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