8 Best YouTube Keyword Research Tools For SEO

8 best youtube keyword research tools

❓Are you not getting video views?

❓Is your channel traffic not taking off?

❓Are you not getting enough subscribers?

❓Have you ever used any YouTube keyword research tools?


If you stuck up with the above problem then you should ask yourself the below question.


✅ Have you done proper YouTube Keyword research before publishing your videos on YouTube? Huh?


If not you should know how to find keywords for YouTube videos.

YouTube creator academy, suggests doing Keyword research before creating video content.

Here’s what they say

Brainstorm new video ideas by looking at search results for popular and less competitive queries. Identify opportunities to serve an audience that isn’t already well-served.

YouTube Creator Academy

In other words, they recommend YouTubers to do YouTube keyword research to find the high search volume and low competition keywords.


Unlike Google, we don’t have a huge list of keyword research tools for YouTube. We are just limited to a handful of tools that are not so popular and that’s what we are going to explore now.


Let’s see the list of YouTube keyword research tools that help you in finding the high search volume and low competition keywords.

Table of Contents

TubeBuddy - YouTube Keyword Research Tools #1

TubeBuddy is the one-stop plugin for complete YouTube channel management. It has 67+ features to grow YouTube channel and Keyword research is one among it.


To do keyword research, you have to install TubeBuddy on your chrome browser. After you installed, click on the TB icon at the top right corner inside the YouTube studio. 

youtube keyword research


Select the option “Keyword explorer” under the extension tools.

You’ll see keyword explorer pop up on the Studio. Just enter your target keyword and find the keyword score. Rinse and repeat the YouTube keyword research process until you find the golden keyword as shown below. 


Make sure that the YouTube keyword score should be greater than 70 for ranking easily on the YouTube search results.


It’s one of my #1 best YouTube keyword research tools.

tubebuddy keyword research volume

VidIQ - YouTube Keyword Research Tools #2

VidIQ is another popular chrome plugin for YouTube SEO. Let’s see how to do YouTube keyword research with VidIQ.


Install the VidIQ on your chrome browser and go to YouTube. Enter the keyword on the search box to begin your YouTube keyword research process.


You can see the keyword volume and YouTube keyword score on the right side VidIQ channel analytics widget as shown below

It’s ranking #2 in my best YouTube keyword research tools list.

Keyword search volume with VidIQ


Make use of the YouTube auto-suggestion feature in the search textbox to find the best keyword with low competition and moderate search volume.

Keyword Tool Dominator - YouTube Keyword Research Tools #3

KTD aka Keyword Tool Dominator is an online tool to determine the YouTube keyword rank in the range of 1 to 10. Keyword rank represents the search popularity relative to the other keywords. It gives you the top keyword searches on Youtube.


It also has a chrome plugin to ease the YouTube keyword research process.


KTD has a limited number of free searches as well.


Head over to the YouTube Keyword tool page in Keyword tool dominator.


Enter your seed keyword the search textbox, select the country where you want to perform the search, and the language.


Click on the search button.

best keywords for youtube

Additional Options(Optional)

Enter the must contain keywords in the Keyword contain textbox. If you want to ignore any keyword enter that keyword in the Keyword does not contain the search box.


Select the minimum and maximum word count and min and maximum keyword rank.

keyword tool youtube

It is ranking  #3 in my best YouTube keyword research tools list.

You’ll get a list of keyword options as shown below


You can export the keyword list in CSV or copy it to the clipboard.

Keywordtool.io - YouTube Keyword Research Tools #4

Keywordtool.io is known for an alternative to the Google keyword planner tool. It has a dedicated YouTube Keyword research tool section. 


Select the YouTube tab and enter the target keyword. It gives you the related keyword ideas but you cannot see the search volume and competition in the free plan.


Still, you’ll get the Keyword suggestion, questions, prepositions, and YouTube hashtags for the given keywords.

So, you can use it as a Youtube keyword suggestion tool.

free youtube keyword tool

It’s ranking #4 in my best YouTube keyword research tools list.

Ahref - YouTube Keyword Research Tools #5

Ahref is a very famous backlink and SEO analytics website and blog. It has a YouTube Keyword research tool as well.


Head over to the Ahref YouTube search tool. Enter your focus keyword and hit enter.

It gives you the list of phrase matches and questions keywords and it’s search volume. Be informed that it won’t show you the competition for the keyword but it’s still the best free YouTube research tool.


It’s ranking #5 in my best YouTube keyword research tools list.

youtube keyword planner

KeywordKeg - YouTube Keyword Research Tools #6

 KeywordKeg is a common keyword research tool that supports YouTube as well. Unlike other keyword research tools, it gives you more detailed info about the related keywords.


You can get search volume, Cost per click, the value of the keyword in terms of $, on-page difficulty, off-page difficulty, SEO-difficulty, and keyword trends.

But in the free plan, you can only see the top related 3 keywords.


It’s ranking #6 in my best YouTube keyword research tools list.

youtube keyword generator

YouTube Auto-Suggestion- YouTube Keyword Research Tools #7

or brainstorming keyword ideas for videos, you can use the inbuilt YouTube auto-suggestion feature. It gives you all the related keywords that viewers are searching on YouTube.


You can get the list of keywords that matches the video content you’re going to make. Enter the keyword one by one on YouTube and get the Keyword score with the help of TubeBuddy. Also, it speeds up your YouTube Keyword research process.


It’s ranking #7 in my best YouTube keyword research tools list.


The only thing is you should know how to search on YouTube like a Pro.


Bonus Tips

When you’re searching for keywords on YouTube, you can use * as placeholder text

For e.g, if you are looking for a list of keywords that ends with “keyword research” but starts with some other keywords that viewers are searching on YouTube. Then you can type “* keyword research” without double-quotes.

It lists the all possible combination of keywords that ends with keyword research.

youtube keyword volume


You can use the $ to explore the middle keywords ideas. For e.g, if you search for “keyword $ tool” without double-quotes. It lists the all possible keyword ideas that contain one or two words in between “keyword”  and “tool” as shown below

Soovle - YouTube Keyword Research Tools #8

Soovle is a very simple and plain tool for YouTube Keyword research. It gives you the keyword ideas for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and Wiki on a single page.


Just go to soovle, type the focus keyword, and get the list of YouTube search keywords as shown below

You can use this only to get the keyword ideas. It doesn’t tell you about the search volume and competition.


It’s ranking #8 in my best YouTube keyword research tools list.


That’s all about the list of best YouTube Keyword research tools. Please let me know if you have used any other YouTube Keyword research tool.


Out of these 8 YouTube keyword tools, I use TubeBuddy and it gives access to other cool features such as A/B testing, competitor analytics, video optimization, tracking tag ranks, and much more. Moreover, it works on the top of the YouTube interface to improve your productivity.


Let me know if you have any questions.Sharing is caring!

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