Free Auto Comment Picker YouTube Tool For GiveAways

Free Auto Comment Picker YouTube Tool For GiveAways

Here, I’m going to discuss the strategies and the most appropriate way to grow your YouTube channel with an auto comment picker YouTube tool. 

Many people are struggling in their life to attract the audience’s attention on YouTube.Getting YouTube views and subscribers are difficult but not impossible! 

In this era of competition, one should produce original and enchanting content. There are a lot of strategies to grow your YouTube channel and easily surpass one million subscribers. 

Successful people have grown a million subscribers and billion views by using some sort of clever strategy. One such strategy is giveaways and contests.

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Why YouTube Giveaways?

The giveaway strategy is one of the best ways to grow your channel and attract an audience. But at the same time, don’t use giveaways too often. 

Try to produce better content, and then it will help you to make one million subscribers.

Because if you use too many giveaways, then the audience might start feeling that you are just buying their attention. 

Giveaways need to do more or less as a reward for subscribing to your channel and supporting you throughout your YouTube journey. 

Giveaways should be in the form of a reward to your loyal watchers. To value back those constant viewers and loyal subscribers of your channel and make them happy, giveaway is must.

Auto Comment Picker YouTube

Auto comment picker YouTube feature on TubeBuddy is the easiest way to pick and select the winner from the comment section when you’re running giveaways. 

Finding the best comment for a YouTube giveaway is a good idea but sometimes viewers might think you are biased. Or they might think like you asked somebody to leave such a comment and give a reward to him.

As a creator, why do you give such a chance when you have a free auto comment picker YouTube tool available on TubeBuddy which picks random comments in a few seconds. 

So, you can share your screen and pick a winner with the help of Auto comment picker YouTube tool for your giveaway or gifts!

This auto comment picker YouTube feature can also be used for promotions and contests.

Let’s learn the tips before we see how to pick random comments on YouTube with TubeBuddy.

Best Tips For Running Giveaways

Here are the best tips for running  a giveaway or promotion on your YouTube channel.

Set Aim

Understand why you are going to do a giveaway. Make it clear to yourself and set the primary goal.

Get To Know YouTube Policies

As a Youtuber, you should have knowledge about the rules and regulations about the contest and giveaways that youtube have officially announced.

You can learn the policies and regulations of the giveaways before doing that here

Select The Best Prize

Make sure that the prize is the one the people need and it would be great if it’s related to your YouTube channel niche. If the giveaways are just the sluggish thing, then not many people may participate in your giveaways.

Have A Clear Rules

We absolutely get that you’re anxious to get your challenge live, yet having a total arrangement of rules set up shields you from any legal issues as well as shields your crowd from any misconceptions.

TubeBuddy Auto Comment Picker YouTube Tool

This will help you to select the random commenter from the session and help you to pick the winner.

Let me tell you how to randomly pick a video commenter using the TubeBuddy tool.

Make sure that you have installed TubeBuddy on your favourite browser and follow the below steps:

Step #1

Go to YouTube studio and click on the Content

Step #2

Scroll down to the video where you want to pick the random comment for giveaway.

Step #3

Click on the TubeBuddy icon next to that video as shown below. You can see a drop down. Select “Pick a winner” from the dropdown.

free auto comment picker youtube

Step #4

You have two options. Either you can choose a winner from all comments or comments contain certain words. Then click on “Pick a winner”

youtube comment picker hack

Step #5

That’s it! You’re done. Your winner will be picked instantly.

pick random comments youtube

You will see that the auto comment picker tool not only provides you with the user name but also gives their YouTube channel link. It just makes it easy to contact the winner.

Select Second Winner

Sometimes you may need to pick a second winner. In that case, you need to select the pick a winner button again to select the second winner.

Go to YouTube Studio and head over to TubeBuddy to install the plugins for free.

Rinse and repeat the steps to pick another winner

pick second winner YouTube comment

Importance Of YouTube Comment Picker Tool

TubeBuddy! makes your life easier. Before this, whenever you are going to give run contest. You need to write everyone’s name on each page, and then you make them mix and select the lucky one for the contest. 

This is lengthy and time-consuming work. This will all be eliminated by the auto-comment tool. 

This tool is available for all type of giveaway and makes your winner luckier. This not only provides you with the winner but also provides you the channel link of the winner to easily reach out to them. 

Tubebuddy auto comment picker also gives multiple options to select the winner.

Auto comment pickers feature is completely free, on TubeBuddy. It also has 19+ Free optimization features for YouTubers who want to grow their channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is YouTube comment picker safe?

Yes. It’s safe because it’s provided by TubeBuddy. Check out my article on Is TubeBuddy safe?

✅ Can we hack this YouTube random comment picker to gift whom we like?

 Unfortunately not. You cannot cheat the system.

✅ Does it pick the best comment for YouTube Giveaway?

It picks the random comment not the best comment.

Please do let me know if you have any questions related to this YouTube random comment picker hack!

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