How To Fix Tubebuddy Sign In Required Click Here[Resolved]

TubeBuddy sign in required click here

In this blog post, we are going to fix the TubeBuddy sign in required click here issue on your chrome or Mozilla firefox.



👉 Are you worried about the TubeBuddy Sign In Problem?

👉 Are you not able to use any TubeBuddy features because TubeBuddy won’t sign-in?

👉 Has your TubeBuddy completely stopped working?



I know it’s very frustrating for YouTubers especially when you’re uploading your videos to YouTube.


Moreover there is no proper step-by-step solution available online to resolve it.


So, I decided to write all the possible solutions in the blog post to fix this issue and unlock YouTubers who are blocked with this problem.


So don’t worry, I’ll help you to fix this issue!

tubebuddy sign in required click here

Why I'm Getting TubeBuddy Sign in Required Click Here Error?

Before fixing the “TubeBuddy Sign in required click here” issue, it’ll be super helpful if you understand the root cause of the problem.


First of all, make sure that you can access the TubeBuddy sign-in page before trying the below solutions


If you are installing the TubeBuddy for the very first time then checkout how to install TubeBuddy on Chrome or Firefox.


TubeBuddy is a YouTube channel optimization plugin or extension available on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Technically, it’s not a stand-alone or web-app application and it depends on Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers for most of the operational features.

If there is any incompatibility between the browser and TubeBuddy extension, we end up with a TubeBuddy Sign In Required message.


There are many reasons for the “TubeBuddy won’t sign in” problem.


Try the below solutions one by one in the same order until your

TubeBuddy sign in required” problem is resolved.

Solution #1: Check The TubeBuddy Status

If there is any software deployment going on in the TubeBuddy server, you might face a TubeBuddy sign in issue.


In this case, you have to wait for a few hours until the deployment gets over.


To ensure that, go to TubeBuddy Status Page and check the Twitter or Facebook at the bottom.


If there is any issue, they’ll update it on the status page along with turn around time to resolve this issue.

tubebuddy login problem status

If you see “There are no known issues currently” on the status page then go to the below solution.

Solution #2: Try Sign In To TubeBuddy

Sometimes you might get this message either your browser was updated or the TubeBuddy extension was updated. 


Since both versions are not matching each other, it automatically signed out from the login and you end up with “TubeBuddy Sign In Required Click here” issue.


To resolve this go to TubeBuddy sign-in

Note: During TubeBuddy sign-in ensure that you’re selecting the right Gmail id and correct YouTube channel.


Your problem should be resolved by now. If not try the below solution.

Solution #3: Verify The TubeBuddy Account

Go to TubeBuddy Account Page on the same browser where you’re facing this issue.


Ensure that you can access the TubeBuddy account page and the channel that you’re trying to use TubeBuddy is listed on the TubeBuddy Account page.

tubebuddy account page

If it takes you to Google account login page then complete the login process. 

If you have multiple Gmail accounts and YouTube channels then ensure that you’re selecting the right Gmail account and right YouTube channel where you want to access TubeBuddy during the sign-in process.

After sign-in go to YouTube Studio or TubeBuddy Account Page and verify it.

Your problem is fixed if you don’t see the sign in required message again!

If not try the below solution.

Solution #4: Check You Have Given Access To TubeBuddy

After installing TubeBuddy, make sure that you have pinned the TubeBuddy plugin on your chrome browser.


To pin the plugin, click the “Extension” icon on the top right of your chrome browser and click on the Pin icon to pin it next to the address bar for easy access.

Now click on the TubeBuddy icon on the extension and click “Manage extension”.

tubebuddy manage extension

Check whether the access is provided for both TubeBuddy and YouTube.


If either of the access is not provided you’ll end up with the “TubeBuddy sign in required click here” issue.

Make sure that you close the browser and open it again for the access change to take effect.


But I suggest you provide access to all websites that TubeBuddy needs


Because it may sometimes depend on websites like Google, Reddit to get the related keywords for tags.


If still your problem is not resolved try the below solution.

Solution #5: Update Browser

Sometimes your browser may not be able to keep itself updated but your plugins might get updates and introduce the in-compatibility issue.


 So, go ahead and update your browser. After the update completes, close the browser and open it again. 


Ensure that your “TubeBuddy sign in required” problem is resolved.

Solution #6: Uninstall & Re-install TubeBuddy

Go to the TubeBuddy extension page. Uninstall the TubeBuddy plugin and install it again.


Complete the TubeBuddy sign in once again as you have installed it now.


Restart your browser.


Verify the issue is resolved or not.

Solution #7: Check Firewall & Anti-virus

Sometimes your firewall settings or antivirus might introduce the sign-in issue.


Disable your anti-virus and check whether the issue is resolved. 


Go to your firewall settings and ensure that none of the settings are blocking the TubeBuddy plugin.


I suggest you to connect your computer to your friends wi-fi or public wi-fi to ensure that it’s not your internet issue.


Check the TubeBuddy sign in required issue is resolved or not.

Solution #8: Get Help From TubeBuddy Support

None of the above solutions work then no worries. TubeBuddy has an excellent support team and they help you to resolve this issue in less than 2 days.

Go to the TubeBuddy support page and submit a ticket.

Make sure that you have given proper inputs such as TubeBuddy version, Browser type, browser version and Operating System for them to debug the issue quickly.

As far as I know, these are the solutions to fix the “TubeBuddy sign in required click here” issue.


If you know some other solution please post it in the comment and it might help other YouTubers.

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