[Free] How To Insert Emoji in Youtube Videos Title and Description

In this blog post, we are going to see how to insert emoji in youtube Title and description in detail.

A few years ago we can see Emoji only on instant messaging apps like Whatsapp. But within a short span of time, it becomes so popular across social media.

Now Emojis are everywhere because of the popularity and quick way to convey the viewer’s message. 

Facebook recently added lot emojis in the Like button to show all kinds of reactions to Facebook posts.

No doubt this emoji feature become so popular across Facebook users.

People started using Emojis on the Email subject, blog post, and now it turned into an inevitable thing in the internet world.


Few people call Emoji as Smileys but Smileys are a subset of Emoji or Emoticons.

Google also accepted emojis in the search results title and metadata description.

Here’s one example – Usage of pizza emoji from one of the Pizza selling website.


YouTube is not an exception. YouTube officially started accepting Emoji/Emoticons in the title, description, comments, and on the live chat as well. 

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Why you should use Emoji on YouTube title and description?

Before exploring how to add emojis to youtube videos let’s see why you should use it.

Do you want your video to be stand out from the bunch of videos listed on the search results?


If yes then you should start using Emojis on YouTube title and description.


Technically, adding relevant Emojis on YouTube title and description(with first 150 words) increased the Click-through rate of your video by ~5%.


Before emojis, YouTubers were used Unicode text in their title to increase the video CTR.


Here’s one example from a very popular makeup YouTube channel used Unicode text in the video title.


This guy used Pointing finger Emoji to emphasize the viewers that his technique works without backlinks.


Anyone looking at the title can clearly understand what this video is all about.


inset Emoji in YouTube title


Usage of Emojis is very less across YouTube compared to other social media sites like Facebook. 


So, it’s the right time for YouTubers to start using Emojis at the right place on their title and description to increase the CTR.

Does Emoji affect YouTube video SEO?


 Even though YouTube doesn’t mention anything explicitly about the usage of Emoji, it just applies the Google algorithm when it comes to Emoji. 


Does emoji affect my ranking article written by Wordtracker has clearly mentioned that the right usage of Emoji doesn’t imply any penalty on ranking? The same will be applied to YouTube.


I recommend using Emoji at the end or in the middle of the YouTube video title but not at the beginning of the title.


Dedicate the first few characters of YouTube title for target keywords. 


When it comes to the YouTube description, use Emoji in the middle of meta description(in between first 150 words) so it appears at the center when listed on the SERP as shown below.


I strongly recommend creating your own emoji with your youtube channel logo and add it at the end of the YouTube video title. 


It’ll create a brand for your YouTube channel. It increases YouTube video views when your subscribers come across your videos in the search results.

How to insert or add Emoji in YouTube title and description?

YouTube doesn’t have intuitive UI like WhatsApp to add emoji on Title and description.



You have to import emojis from other websites. But an easy way would be installing a TubeBuddy plugin on your chrome browser.


TubeBuddy is a one-stop plugin for complete YouTube channel management, increase traffic, improve Productivity, and do keyword research. 


Check out all 64+ TubeBuddy features below



After installing the plugin on your chrome browser, open the Info and settings tab of your YouTube video where you want to insert emoji


You can also add emojis on YouTube tags as well. 


Click on the smiley icon at the end of the title box and it’ll list all emojis


If you’re uploading a new video, you can find the smiley symbol next to the YouTube title and description textbox as shown below.



Insert the emoji that is relevant to your video by just doing a tap on the emoji.


Another cool thing about this plugin is you can also search and find the emoji that you want.

For example, if I search for a flower in the search box it lists all the flower emoji/emoticons.


How to add or insert emoji in YouTube comments?

Emoji is the best way to express our happiness in the comment section after watching the video. 


Adding Emoji on YouTube comment is damn simple if you have the TubeBuddy plugin installed on your chrome. 


Just go to the video where you want to insert emoji in YouTube and scroll down to the YouTube comment box.


At the end of the comment box, you can see a smiley button. Click on the smiley button to list all smileys.


That’s it. Now you know how to add emojis to youtube videos title, description, and comments. 


Please do let me know if you have any questions.

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