How to Remove Video from YouTube Playlist on new Dashboard [2021]

How to remove video from youtube playlist

In this blog post, we are going to see how to remove video from YouTube playlist on Youtube in 2020(latest) YouTube dashboard.


The new YouTube studio is quite confusing and even experienced YouTubers are struggling to find the features on the new dashboard.


So, I’m writing this post to help YouTuber who are facing difficulty in finding the option to delete videos from the playlist.


Wanna learn how to remove video from YouTube playlist?

Usually, the Youtube playlist is a collection of videos grouped together and played one after another. Adding videos to your playlist helps viewers to access to your related videos or series.


It is really easy to add or remove the videos from the youtube playlist.

Let’s see how to remove video from YouTube playlist

Table of Contents

Why we should remove videos from YouTube Playlist?

If your videos are no longer relevant to your youtube playlist content then it’s really a good idea to remove the video from the YouTube playlist.


We should taken out unwanted or irrelevant videos from playlist to give better and more related content to viewers.


To do that you should know how to remove video from YouTube playlist.


For more advanced Playlist options like filtering, sorting and bulk edit you can install the below plugin. It’s a one stop plugin for your complete YouTube channel management

How to remove video from YouTube playlist?


Here is the step by step procedure on how to remove the video from YouTube playlist



Go to the appropriate playlist to remove videos. Click on the Edit Playlist option on the right side.

edit youtube playlist


Once you click on the Edit playlist, it’ll display the list of videos in that playlist.

Step 4

Hover the mouse over to the video that you want to remove or delete from the playlist collection. Once you hover the mouse, you can see 3 dots(right side) on the video as shown below

edit video in youtube playlist

Step 5

Click on the three dots and you see the list of options.

Step 6

Select the option “Remove from ” contain a delete icon.

delete video youtube playlist

Step 7

That’s it! You successfully removed the video from the YouTube playlist. You can verify whether that video is removed or not by viewing the playlist in a new tab

Frequently asked Questions

Does deleting the video from the YouTube playlist delete the video from my channel?

No! Removing/Deleting the video from the YouTube playlist doesn’t delete your video from your channel and it also doesn’t harm your video SEO.

Can I delete videos from playlist which is not belong my channel?

No. You cannot delete videos from playlist that you don’t have access to. You should be channel owner or collaborator to add or remove videos from playlist.

How do I bulk remove videos from a YouTube playlist ?

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t have the option to remove multiple videos from YouTube playlist at a single go. You have to remove videos one by one or you can delete the entire playlist and recreate it. Alternatively, you can use this plugin for bulk removal of videos from playlist.

How do I remove deleted videos from my YouTube playlist?

If you deleted a video and it was added to playlist then you can see deleted video with a broken image on your playlist. To remove that, you need to follow the same 7 steps as mentioned above.


How to remove private videos from YouTube playlist?

If you add a private video to YouTube playlist, it’ll not be displayed for the public. It’ll show the below message.

To delete the private videos from YouTube playlist, you just need to repeat the above 7 steps.


How to delete videos from YouTube playlist on mobile or iPhone?

YouTube recently released YouTube studio app on android and iPhone to track the analytics but deleting videos from the playlist option is not available yet.

But, you have option to delete the entire playlist. I believe we can expect that feature soon.

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